Young People’s Concerts

For over 40 years, the Burnaby School District has offered an annual concert series  for students in grades 4-7. In 2017-2018 over 6700 students participated. Held at the beautiful Michael J Fox Theatre, these concerts offer a wide range of artistic

 In 2018-2019 we are hosting 3 concerts:

 Kung Jaadee: Haida Stories and songs

Kung Jaadee is a Haida storyteller, singer, drummer and author, from Haida Gwaii. She teaches Xaad Kil, Haida language through the Haida Health Centre in Gaw Tlagee, Old Masset, where she lives. She has performed traditional Raven legends and personal stories for 25 years. She has performed in various areas: festivals; schools; museums; Aboriginal celebrations; universities; colleges; conferences. Kung Jaadee has published her first children’s book, Raven’s Feast, with Medicine Wheel Education.

 “I begin my presentations by acknowledging the territory I’m visiting. I’ll introduce myself by speaking in my language, Xaad Kil, Haida language, with translation into English. I’ll drum and sing a welcome song, then perform a traditional legend. While performing I’m wearing my regalia. If appropriate, I perform my story of how I became a storyteller, which was due to racism I’ve experienced while only in Kindergarten; I adjust this portion of the presentation accordingly. If students are quite young, I get them up to stretch; as I guide them through some simple stretches, I’ll use my language and ask them to repeat after me. I’ll perform another story, and then I’ll drum a song. Given time, I will share portions of the history of my Haida Nation.​experiences. “

Karima Essa – Bollywood Star 

For more than a decade, Karima Essa has been performing, choreographing and teaching Bollywood and Bhangra dance forms for children, youth and adults across the Lower Mainland. In 2014, her love for Bollywood took her to the screens in Mumbai, India, as a two-time finalist on Omni TV’s reality show, Bollywood Star. Karima’s vision is to allow children to experience the pure magic and joy of dance and storytelling through the fun expressions and movement of Bollywood dance. Children are inspiring to her because they are uninhibited and dance from the heart – and this is at the heart of every Bollywood Star!

 Karima’s show Bollywood Star showcases Bollywood dance as a fun cultural art form told through the lens of her personal journey. The show opens with a Bollywood dance. She introduces how Bollywood influenced her childhood and explains the origins of the dance through demonstrating traditional dance forms that have shaped Bollywood dance today. Her interactive show involves students in learning traditional and popular dance moves, while also introducing key Hindi words in the choruses of popular Bollywood songs. The show parallels the elements of Bollywood cinema through storytelling, drama, dance and music.​

Tiny Islands: Jazzology

Tiny Islands Hailing from a musical family, veteran leader of Vancouver’s inimitable Carnival Band, Tim Sars has over a decade of experience entertaining and engaging kids and their families with fun, spirited, and participatory music. When Tim teams up with brother Nathan and two more are added rounding out a quartet, they become the group called Tiny Islands.

There’s no better way to introduce kids to an exciting variety of musical instruments than through the upbeat, can’t-sit-still jazz of the 1920s and ‘30s. In their new show, masterful musicians Tim and Nathan Sars engage kids of all ages with irresistible tunes by jazz greats like Louis Armstrong, Cab Calloway and Fats Waller.



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  1. Ms.Dobson says:

    Oh this should be interesting, you guys have the most beautiful & great concerts for schools I think it makes the children happy thank you Micheal J Fox Theater.

  2. vpa says:

    Thank-you so much! We are also very proud of the Young People’s Concerts!

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