Primary Days of Music 2020

Primary Days of Music Festival 2020

Primary Days of Music is a long-running Burnaby tradition.  It is a choir festival for grade 2 and 3 students.  The purpose of Primary Days of Music is to provide students with the experience and joy of singing together.  This year it will be held March 9th-12

Busing is provided by the Burnaby School Board and because of the cost of busing, only grade 2 and 3 students may participate.  We are also ask that, if possible, any choir that is able to would walk to the event.   We use an on-line process for scheduling and registration.

Goals for Primary Days of Music:

  •  To model good choral singing at the primary level
  •  To promote the joy of singing
  •  To foster vocabulary development
  • To help preserve the knowledge of many “folk” and traditional songs which are no longer as commonly known by children
  • To provide an opportunity for teachers and children to share what they have learned and develop camaraderie as members of choral ensembles
  •  To provide professional development for teachers
  • To develop a sequence of opportunities for training and involvement that may be carried forth in choirs at the intermediate level
  • To provide “built in” repertoire for school-based concerts and Nights of Music
  • To provide an opportunity to hear new repertoire performed
  • To provide an opportunity to showcase and develop continued support for school music programs

Dates: March 9th-12th, 2020       Locations: Various

Key 2020 dates

Initial registration due Jan 22

Scheduling request form due Feb 5

Program information due Feb 21

Primary Days:  March 9-12

  • Registration Form – please use link e-mailed directly to you. DUE January Jan 22nd
  • Scheduling Request Form – please use link e-mailed directly to you. DUE February 5th
  • Sample Parent Permission Letter (Word Version)  click here.

Important Information

-Four or five schools will be participating at each concert.

-Only students in Grades 2 and 3 may participate

-Each school prepares two selections to share with other choirs on the same program

-Each school may attend only one performance

-Participating schools will learn the selections indicated for massed singing.

-Selections are either from the Share the Music program or music will be available on the VPA blog.


Carried forward from 2019:

New for 2020:

  • Oh Lord, I Want Two Wings – Share the Music 3.  This is a lesser known African-America Spiritual.  We will perform in the style and at the tempo it is recorded in Share the Music.  The lyrics are not the same as in Share the Music. LYRICS
  •  Let Us Sing Together– is our new round.  We will sing it first in unison, second as a two-part round and finally as a three-part round. LYRICS
  •  All the Pretty Little Horses – This beautiful lullaby from America is believed to originate as a song slave mothers sang while caring for an owner’s child rather than their own baby.  There are many versions of this song with melodic variations and there are several different lyrics.    I’ve chosen the melody that is the most well-known to me and lyrics that contain no unpleasant images.  We will perform it with a piano interlude between verses. RECORDING  MUSIC  and LYRICS
  •  Why We Sing by Greg Gilpin – This song is a change from the usual repertoire of Primary Days of Music.  Most of our songs are chosen from songs in the public domain. The idea for this song came from the Burnaby Music Educator’s Association.  The hope is that we could create a choir of children from many schools that could come together to perform.The music is on order and a copy will be sent to you when it arrives.  In the meantime, there is a scan of the score posted HERE.


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