New K-7 Arts Education IRP

The ministry has recently published a new fine arts education IRP called Arts Education K-7. This document encompasses dance, drama, visual art and music from kindergarten to grade seven.

An exciting change to this document from the previous curriculum are the achievement indicators  and formative assessment rubrics. Two of the formative assessment rubrics, drama and dance,  are now available. Click here to see this new I.R.P..

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2 Responses to New K-7 Arts Education IRP

  1. As soon as I came over to New K-7 Arts Education IRP | Visual & Performing Arts I can only see portion of it, is this my net internet browser or the web website? Should I restart? Cheers Jenette Barry

    • lparsonson says:


      Yes, I think it’s your browser. Explorer seems to have difficulty with the drop down menus for some reason. Firefox is the browser that the district recommends, although I have used Safari successfully as well.

      Sorry for this inconvenience.

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