Div 8 and 9 ADST 2018

For several weeks in term 3 Divisions 8 and 9 came to the library for ADST Maker Lab.  Applied Design Skills Technologies is an important part of our revised curriculum.  Our Learning Intentions for these sessions were to:

1)Develop the Core Competencies of:

  • Communication
  • Personal Awareness and Responsibility
  • Creative and Critical Thinking

2) Generate ideas, make something, test it, improve it, share it, reflect on our thinking.

Our maker lab included a variety of materials and technologies.  Students chose the station they wished to visit to learn, play and explore.  Stations included:

  • Coding with Dash n’ Dot robots
  • Making music with GarageBand
  • Creating hand made crafts with a variety of materials
  • Making and learning about electricity with Electronic Snap Circuits
  • Designing and building with Keva planks
  • Designed and creating marble mazes with Lego 
  • Drawing at the Graffiti Board






Students reflected on their successes and goals each week.  These are the “I” statements they chose from to reflect on what they did in Maker Lab. 

  • I can get ideas from my experience and interests. 
  • I can get ideas from my family and friends. 
  • I can add to classmates’ ideas.
  • I can choose an idea to work on. 
  • I can get ideas through play.
  • I can make things to make my play better. 
  • I can brainstorm new ideas.
  • I can choose tools and materials. 
  • I can copy something someone has made. 
  • I can make something by following directions. 
  • I can make something by watching someone do it first.
  • I can try my ideas out and think about what was good and what I need to make better. 
  • I can try to improve my creation.
  • I can use others’ ideas to improve my creations.
  • I can share my creations with others. 
  • I can tell the story of how my creation was made. 
  • I can explain how my creation is helpful.  
  • I can decide if my creation works (is a success).
  • I can create with others. 
  • I know when I work well with others. 
  • I do my part when I work with others. 
  • I can help others when we work together. 
  • I can use materials and tools safely. 
  • I can learn new things when I work and play. 
  • I can use tools and technology to be a better maker. 

After our final session, students completed a self assessment of their experiences in Maker Lab using these “I” statements.

We learned a lot and had loads of fun in Maker Lab.  In the words of one student: “I wish we could come to Maker Lab for 10 hundred more times!”