Division 5

June 24

Now that we have finished our book trailers, please complete the reflection response below.

May 27

Creating imovie book trailers. Divisions 4 and 5.

Students will create book trailers using ipads and the imovie app.

Learning intentions:

  • Students will communicate meaning through the creation of a digital story.
  • Students will analyze the mood of a book and reflect the mood in music, images and narration.
  • Students will celebrate and promote reading by viewing each other’s digital stories.
  • Students will share these stories with the world.

Book trailers:

Click here to see student made book trailers.

Click here to see teacher made book trailers.

The Familiars

Number the Stars

The Witches




Our lessons will be adapted from readwritethink.org.  Teachers, click here for the lesson plan.

Image websites:
Please use the creative commons search for your images and remember to keep track of your images as you copy them to the camera roll.


September 20th

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