Division 4 2016/17

June 2017

Dear Division 4 families,

This term students created iMovie book trailers in the library to promote books they read for literature circles in class. First, we watched many book trailers online and used criteria we discussed to evaluate them. Then the students wrote scripts, edited them and found images to match their scripts.  An important part of our work was ensuring that we were being good digital citizens and using copyright free or public domain images.  Students used the sites Pixabay.com and Photosforclass.com as well as search.creativecommons.org to find their images.  Students were also encouraged to create their own images by taking photographs and using the Drawing Box app.  Finally, students used iMovie to create their book trailers.  They learned how to record, edit, as well as how to add music and special effects. Finally, students completed written reflections on what they learned noticed and wondered. 

Please go to the link below to view all the book trailers. Enjoy!      



Book Trailers:

Watch these trailers to get some ideas of how you can “sell” your book and convince other kids to read it. Use the rubric to evaluate and assess how well the trailers did.

Alex Rider: Crocodile Tears

Amulet Book Four

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck

Whatever After

13 Gifts

Book trailers created by kids

South Slope Student Book Trailers