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April 29

Then Ties that Bind is another web site about the immigration experience for Chinese Canadians.  Click on the pictures at the top and you can read and listen to their stories,


April 22nd

Today we looked at a few books where you can find information about immigrants to Canada.  I have also added a site to the library catalogue for further research.

Here is the link to the site from collections Canada on immigration and settlement in Canada.  https://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/settlement/kids/021013-1003-e.html

It includes information on the following groups:

I have put a link to it on the Library catalogue under Visual search, History, Canadian Immigration and settlement. 

On the side of the site is a tab for Books and Links.  I recommend you use the sites listed there for further research if you need to. 

April 14th

Who am I and where did I come from?:

Creating a digital story about your family’s immigration experiences

  1. Collect all your family pictures and put them in an album on your ipad. (Due April 11th)
  2. Interview your family member(s) about their immigration experience.(Due April 24)
  3. Brainstorm ideas for other images you want to include in your imovie. (maps (country, region), photos of transportation, flags, etc)
  4. Search for images on the ipads and save them in your album. (Complete by April 24)
  • use search.creativecommons.org for your search
  • copy the URL of the image and save in your NOTES app on the ipad.  Why?  It is important that you give credit to the person or organization who created the image you’re using.

Interview Questions: (These are just suggestions. You will have to personalize your questions to your interviewee.)

  • What is your full birth name?

  • Where were you born?

  • How long did you (grandparent or great grandparent ) live in your birth country?

  • Why did you emigrate?

  • What was happening in your birth country at the time of  emigration?

  • Why did you choose to immigrate to Canada?

  • How did you travel to Canada?

  • Who immigrated with you?

  • Where in Canada did you first settle?

  • How long have you been in Canada?

  • What challenges did you face when you first arrived?

  • What hardships did you experience?

  • How did it feel  to move to a new country?

  • What do you miss most about your country?

Interview Guidelines

  • Come prepared with questions, paper, pencils, recording device etc.

  • Eliminate distractions before the interview begins.

  • Listen carefully to the subject – you may find surprising information.

  • Sit face to face.

  • Make eye contact.

  • Look and sound interested.

  • Speak with a clear, voice.

  • Ask follow-up questions to take the interview deeper.

  • Be flexible and polite.

  • Ask mostly open-ended questions.  Yes and no questions get short answers and can even cut people off from talking.

  • Ask both specific and universal questions.  Both can spur rich talk.

  • Let the interviewee do most of the talking.

  • Take charge when the interview goes astray or off topic.  Ask one of the questions on your list.

  • You can’t write everything down.  Jot down key words and short notes that will help to jog your memory later.

  • Record important information as soon as the interview is over so you don’t forget it.

  • Video or audio record your interview (with permission of your subject) for a reliable record that you can refer to later.


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