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Grades 8 to 10 Course Descriptions:

Social Studies 8

Within the time period 750-1750 CE, students will explore the events, people, ideas and issues related to the following big ideas: cause & conflict can stimulate long term change; human and environmental factors shape changes in population & living standards; expansion & exploration had varying consequences for different groups; and changing ideas about the world created tension between people wanting to adopt new ideas & those wanting to preserve established traditions.  

Social Studies 9

Within the time period 1750-1919, students will explore the important issues and ideas, peoples, and events of the day that relate to the following big ideas: societies and events are profoundly influenced by new ideas and ideologies;  collective identity is constructed & can change over time; our physical environment influences the nature of political, social & economic change; disparities in power can alter the balance of relationships between individuals & society.

Social Studies 10

Within the time period 1918 and the present day, students will explore the peoples, events, ideas and issues of the day that relate to the following big ideas: the contemporary world has been influenced and shaped by powerful global and regional conflicts;  the development of political institutions are influenced by economic, social, ideological and geographic factors; our individual and collective worldviews lead to different perspectives and ideas about developments in Canadian society; and historical and contemporary injustices challenge the narrative and identity of Canada as an inclusive, multicultural society.

Socials 11 Explorations (New)

In this new course, you may explore and inquire into a range of Social Studies topics that include: First Peoples Studies, History, Geography, Psychology, Politics & Government, Social Justice, Law, and Philosophy.  This course will be taught as a collection of three or possibly mini-modules each of which will focus on one of the many different senior Social Studies electives.  This might lay the foundation for a more focused pursuit of senior Social Studies subjects.