Residence Information

Residence Options

Students are asked to indicate their interest in residence on their OUAC Application Form

St. George Campus

  • Faculty of Arts & Science
    • There are 2 main styles of residence: Traditional Dorm-Style & Apartment-Style Residences
    • Students within Arts & Science normally reside within their college
  • Students from other faculties can select from college residences
  • For more information, visit:

Mississauga Campus

  • Three different options:
    1. Traditional Dorm-Style residence hall (for first year students)
    2. Townhouses
    3. Award-Winning Apartments
  • Each option includes a single furnished bedroom & semi-private washroom
  • First year students are required to purchase a meal plan
  • For more information, visit:

Scarborough Campus

  • Two Options:
    1. Townhouse-Style units –> house 4-6 First-Year Students
    2. Apartment-Style units –> house 4 Upper-Year Students
  • Residences are located within a two-minute walk from academic buildings
  • All units are furnished
  • Optional meal plans are available
  • For more information, visit:

Residence Guarantee

Residence is guaranteed for Full-Time Students who:

  • Are entering their First year of study in an undergraduate program
  • Offered admission by May 31st
  • Indicated an interest in residence on their OUAC Application