Battle of the Books

Over the past few weeks, Ms Sansom’s class along with a few children from Mr Bach’s class have been participating in Battle of the Books.  Each team was to collectively read 10 chosen books and retain as much detail as possible about each book they have read.  Questions about the books are asked at random and each team must decide from which book the answer is from.  Correct answers for each team were given a point.

A series of four battles took place, and at the end of the fourth battle our winning team won by a single point!

All the teams from Rosser who participated recognized valuable lessons through this series of events;

  1. The more students that read the books, the better chance you have
  2. It is a TEAM effort.  Relying on only 1 key member is not always the best idea
  3. Communication is key.  Listening is just as important.
  4. Paying attention to detail in a novel may help you develop a better understanding
  5. Good sportsmanship regardless of outcome is vital.

Last week our winning team at Rosser attended the District Final Battle of the Books.  It was held at University Highland Elementary!  The questions asked at the District final were particularly detailed and challenging, and the pace remained quick!  Even I had difficulty remembering some!

Although we did not win the district final, our team of 5 did extremely well and we should all be very proud of their efforts!  Well done team!

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