Burnaby North Science Department

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Heart Dissections

Mr  Mawani’s Anatomy and Physiology 12 class finished up the quarter and their exploration of the circulatory system with a heart dissection lab. This heart was also used for suture for suture practice! 

Youth in STEM

Maybe you’ve heard of Science Fair and chances are if you’re a seasoned Burnaby North Student you’ve probably even done a Science Fair Project! But how about travelling to Taiwan to compete in an international Science Fair or what about securing over 2 million dollars in prize money to run your own virtual Science Fair during the COVID-19 pandemic!?

Not too many people can say they’ve risen to these amazing challenges. However, this fall, the season premiere of the Youth in STEM podcasts interviews Burnaby North’s own Claire and Vanessa Scrimini to find out more how they’ve taken the scientific world by storm.

Curious? Have a listen here to find out more about the challenges and successes these sisters have navigated over the past few months and also to find out more about what they have in store next! https://geeringuponline.apsc.ubc.ca/stem-resources/youth-in-stem-podcast/

For more opportunities and information about science fair connect here:

scienceleadership1@gmail.com  or on Instagram at bns.sci.leadership