Book Trailers

Book trailers are like short advertisements for a book. They are trying to hook you into wanting to read the book, just like movie trailers try to interest you in the movie. Book trailers may include short excerpts (quotations) from the book and/or pictures. They can be for novels or picture books. They are often produced by the book’s publisher to promote the book so more people will buy it.

I like the idea of book trailers because it is another way for me to get you thinking about books and how technology and books can interact! Look for more book trailers to be posted on this blog in the future.

Here are some of my favourite book trailers: (These are from YouTube and yes, we have all of these books in our library)

The One and Only Ivan

A Tale Dark & Grimm

The Book Thief


The Graveyard Book

It’s a Book

Press Here

Ook and Gluk

What is your favourite book? What would you include in a book trailer about your favourite book?

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