Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology #2

Youth Skills Development Scholarship


The scholarship is open to girls (age 16-21) who have participated in Quantum Leaps Conferences or eMentoring and is awarded to cover costs of professional development.

The scholarship can be used to cover costs of attending Science Fair or participating in science-related camps or courses.



This $500 scholarship must be put towards the cost of professional development of equal or greater value, this includes associated costs or attendance. If students are applying for funding for a program that they have not yet been accepted to, their award is contingent on them being accepted


Deadline:  Dec 22, 2019



Attach a brief (max. 200 words) biography and a description of your project proposal. Submit your application via


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Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology #1

Youth Leadership Award

 For projects that require approximately 60 hours worth of work. You will create a project of your own to promote careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Looking for innovative projects that make use of a variety of skills such as writing, fine arts, dance, and theatre.  Think YouTube videos about science or card games that explore different science careers. 


  •  female students in grade 10-12



The successful candidate will receive a $250  for supplies to start the project and the remaining $750 upon completion of the project.


Deadline:  Dec 22, 2019



Attach a brief (max. 200 words) biography and a description of your project proposal. Submit your application via



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Schulich Leaders Scholarship

Schulich Leader Scholarships are Canada’s most coveted undergraduate STEM scholarships. Every high school in Canada can nominate one graduating student each year to apply for the scholarship


Must possess at least two of the three following attributes:

    • Academic Excellence: Exceptional grades
    • Demonstrated leadership (community, business or entrepreneurial)
    • Financial need (planning to apply for financial assistance to attend university)

 Nominees must:

Must be entrepreneurial minded, intending to pursue a career in 

  • Innovation
  • Techonology
  • Engineering
  • Scientific Research
They are NOT looking for students pursuuing careers in :
  • Medicine
  • Medical Research
This includes doctor, dentist, nurse, psychologist, pharmacists, optometrists, etc. This scholarship is for entrepreneurial minded innovators outside of the medical community.

Amount: $100 000 or $80 000



Please make sure you have submitted you scholarship profile.  In addition, please give Ms Belyea (Room 304) a copy of your transcript and copies of reference letters with at least one from an academic source and one from a community source.  Use the “Request for reference Letter” form to ask a teacher and a community member today as the deadline is approaching




Deadline: Package to Ms Belyea by January 10, 2020



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Kin Canada Bursaries


  •  Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  •  Plan to register as a full-time student in the 2020-2021 school year at a recognized post-secondary institution.
  • Submit application to one only of a local Kinsmen, Kinette, or Kin Club nearest your permanent residence. (Mailing addresses of Clubs can be found at
  •  Demonstrate high ideals, community involvement and knowledge of Kin
  • Not have previously received a bursary from the Hal Rogers Endowment Fund


Amount: $1000




Deadline: February 1, 2020



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To see what the next great minds bring to this ever-transforming industry, and want to assist those great minds achieve their goals and dreams. 


  • Applicants must be enrolled in an American or Canadian post-secondary educational institution, or planning to enroll in such an institution within the following calendar year.
  • The subject of the essay must fall within the parameters described below.
  • The essay must be written in English or French, and have a length of no more than 500 words (not including title, applicant name, etc).
  • The scholarship funds must be used for some education-related expense, such as tuition, books, school fees, room and board, etc.
  • The winner of the scholarship grants EnergyRates.Ca non-exclusive publication rights to their essay, so that we can feature their winning essay on our scholarship site.


Amount: $500



Write an essay, no more than 500 words in length, telling us where you see the future of the energy industry. You can talk about anything you want—green energy, oil politics, the continued use of nuclear power, your personal ideas and innovations—so long as it’s about energy in the world of tomorrow. What do you think people will be reading about in the news in a few years?


Deadline: January 31, 2020



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Cmolik Scholarship

Awards scholarships to youth who have faced adversity in their lives and demonstrated tenacity. Many of our students would not be able to access post-secondary education without our help.


  • Be a current resident of BC
  • Have lived in Canada for at least 7 years,
  • Be in Grade 12 or a recent secondary school graduate,
  • Have demonstrated financial need,
  • Have faced adversity,
  • Plan to be a full-time student,
  • Be ineligible for the BC Tuition Waiver Program (for former youth in care),
  • Use funding for a post-secondary institution, trade or college, and
  • Be endorsed by their school principal.


Amount: up to $40,000



Each school can nominate one candidate.  To be considered, please make sure your student profile has been submitted and write a paragraph stating while you feel that you qualify for this award to Ms Belyea (Room 304).  For more information, check out the website below.


Deadline: Paragraph to Ms Belyea by January 10, 2020




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Terry Fox Humanitarian Award

The Terry Fox Humanitarian Award is in recognition of having demonstrated the highest ideals and qualities of citizenship and humanitarian service while in pursuit of excellence in academic, amateur sport, fitness, health, and voluntary community service. In so doing has reflected those ideals of courage, humanitarianism, service and compassion, which Terry Fox embodied.


  • In good academic standing.
  • Canadian citizens or landed immigrants.
  • Students graduating from secondary school or students who have completed secondary school
  • Involved in voluntary humanitarian activities (for which they have not been compensated).
  • Planning to or are already studying towards their first university degree or diploma at a Canadian post-secondary institution

Value: $28,000, dispersed over four (4) years




Deadline: Feb 1, 2020




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Beedie Luminaries

In 2020, Beedie Luminaries scholarships will be awarded to 105 British Columbia students, applying to one of the twenty-five British Columbia public post-secondary institutions.


  • Canadian Citizen or permanent resident
  • Grade 12 student with a minimum average of 75%
  • Plan to be a full-time student at  one of the twenty-five BC post-secondary institutions or trade schools
  • Demonstrate your and/or your family’s financial adversity, and how it has affected you



  • $40,000 per student / 4-year undergraduate degree
  • $15,000 per student / 2-year college or trade-school diploma




Deadline:  January 20, 2020




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To enter, you will need to write an essay with the title: “The Goals I Will Achieve in 10 Years.”

The style does not necessarily need to be in an academic style – you can be creative and use your own style and imagination.



  • 16 years of age or older

Amount: $3 000


Application:  All applications must be sent to: scholarship@7binaryoptions . com before December 15th, 2019 with the title “Scholarship Essay Contest”.  


For more information:


Deadline:  before December 15, 2019 





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The Brandon Walli “Phone Down, Eyes Up” Memorial Scholarship

Pursuing a post-secondary education in music and the arts? 


  • High school students graduating in 2020 who are focusing on Arts, Creative Arts, or Music in their secondary school studies.
  • We are looking for students who also have community and volunteer experience.

Amount:  $1 000




Deadline: December 2, 2019, 11:59 pm EST




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