Grade 8 & 9 Wellness Survey 2018


The Burnaby School District is excited to gather information from students in grade 8 & 9 about health & wellness.   This is a joint project initiated by the District Student Advisory committee which included students, teachers, administrators and district staff.  The survey was recently approved by the Education committee and school trustees.  We have created this WELLNESS SURVEY using the Office365 platform so that we can see the results across the entire district.  The results will help physical & health education teachers plan lessons to support health education and support the DSAC plan a future wellness forum for Burnaby students. We require all responses to be submitted by Friday May 11, 2018.



Student Instructions for submitting online Interim

Physical & Health Education Interim – self assessment
Online Digital Form

Student Instructions
1. Sign into your MyEd​ ​account
– If you don’t remember it go see Ms. Bhatha in the main office
– Grade 8’s, your PE teacher has your login & password to get you started.
2. Click ​ ​Academics
3. Click Physical​ ​&​ ​Health​ ​Education​ ​class
4. Click Assignments
5. Click Physical​ ​&​ ​Health​ ​Education​ ​interim​ ​report​ ​-​ ​self​ ​assessment
6. If you can’t open the assignment, check to make sure the Pop​ ​Up​ ​is​ ​allowed​ ​on the top right
6A. Complete​ ​the​ ​self​ ​assessment​ ​- if you don’t finish it then click Save and continue later.
You will receive an email to the address you submitted in the email field. When you open your
email, you can open the document and complete from another computer. When you are
finished click SUBMIT.
6B. If you finish the form during your first attempt, check​ ​that​ ​your​ ​email​ ​address​ ​is​ ​correct
(​no spelling errors or missing letters/numbers), click​ ​SUBMIT
7. Open your email and save​ ​the​ ​PDF​ ​file​ onto your desktop
8. Go back into the Assignment window of MyEd and click​ ​submit​ ​a​ ​file​ on the bottom right
side of the screen, choose the PDF file, Save the PDF file (your teacher should be able to see
your uploaded assignment in her MyEd account)
9. Also click on the​ ​LOCKER​ ​on the top bar of the screen and upload assignment into your
locker. Click Options – ADD, Choose file, import, save. (This assignment is now saved in your
locker for you to go back and view if needed).
10. When you are finished uploading the interim report into your locker and upload assignment
you​ ​are​ ​finished​! Let your teacher know so he/she can check in the teacher’s MyEd account.

Physical and Health Education Interim Report

Physical & Health Education Interim Report: Self Assessment

Student work habit form
  • I don't play with equipment. I don't show up late after the bell.
  • I wear clean shorts, leggings,or jogging/track pants. I wear a clean t-shirt that is different from my school clothes. I have running shoes not street shoes for class. I use deodorant if needed.
  • I ask questions, participate in fitness warm-ups, drills, games, and fitness Fridays.
  • I have asked someone I don't know to be my partner. I never complain about my team.
  • I don't wait for the teacher to ask me to help with setting up and taking down equipment.
  • I help students that are not as confident as me perform the exercise, skill, and games. I respond to feedback well and try to adjust to improve. I perform all exercises to the best of my ability. I don't give up when activities are challenging. I find a way to adapt the activity when necessary.
  • I use the equipment the way it is suppose to be used. I don't damage the gyms, fields, and sport court. I respect the environment when using other community activity spaces.
  • I put my phone away before class starts. I use it when the teacher wants me too. I am not plugged into my music while the teacher is giving instructions.
  • Reflect on the information you provided in this form to provide an honest statement about your work habits in Physical & Health Education thus far.

PHE Final Assessment Form

Click on the link to go to the

BMSS PHE Final Assessment

Justify, validate, demonstrate, analyze, and show evidence of what you think your PE term 3 and final mark should be (use PE rubric & curriculum)

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