Field Trips

Sept 5, 2018

Dear Parents,

We are sending home a blank field trip form with your son/daughter for their ConnEx 9 & 10 program.  We will be going on numerous field trips throughout the year and we would like to eliminate all the necessary paperwork each time we leave the school grounds.  Essentially, all of the field trips we take will fall within the allotted time for our ConnEx cohort on Day 1’s.

If you give your son/daughter permission to attend the following field trips we would appreciate it if you would sign the blank field trip form, which will cover most of the field trips for this year.  Here is a list of field trips we did last year for an example.  Specific information about each trip and waivers will be available on our ConnEx blog.  We also encourage all parents and students to sign up to our Mountain Connect App.

Skating                                                            Tubing

Bowling                                                          Kayaking/Paddle Board

Hiking                                                             Lazer Tag

Canoeing                                                        Museums

Indoor Rock Climbing                                   Circus School

Granville Island                                             Club Aviva – Gymnastics

Local Parks

Field trips are an integral part of the overall class experience.  The cost varies depending on the interests of the students, but we typically collect in September (This fee can be paid online from the school website at:  If necessary students have the option of making two payments.  First payment in May/June and the remainder by September 30  if that works better for your family.   Please communicate with Mrs. Logan, our bookkeeper  if that option is best for your family.

If you have any questions or concerns about the field trips, fees, or the course itself please do not hesitate to call.


ConnEx Team