Evan’s Lake Info

Evan’s Lake EMERGENCY ONLY contact number: 604-898-3832

Hi all,

We are meeting at the school on Monday, Oct 22nd at 7:00am. We will return to the school on Wed, Oct 24th at 1:30pm and you will be dismissed at that time.

We recommend that each student brings one bag and their sleeping gear. On Monday, be sure to eat breakfast and bring a snack for the bus ride (~1.5 hours). Lunch will be provided when we arrive. We also recommend that you are wearing comfortable footwear appropriate for hiking as a shuttle will be meeting us there to grab our gear, but we will be hiking into camp. Please be sure to label your garments!

If you have any prescribed medications, it needs to be labelled in a zip-lock bag with instructions to be kept by the teaching staff.

Evan’s Lake Schedule

WHAT TO PACK for Evans Lake
This is our suggested list for camps during October- May
Please label everything with child’s name
• Sleeping bag and pillow
• Pajamas
• Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, brush or comb
• Bath towel, washcloth
• Adequate pairs of light socks
• 2 pairs heavy woolen socks
• 2 pairs light shoes (runners)
• 1 pair of waterproof boots
• Sufficient underwear
• 2 – 3 pairs long pants
• 3 light-weight shirts or t-shirts
• 2 long-sleeved shirts
• 2 warm sweaters
• 1 winter jacket
• 1 rain jacket
• 2 pairs mitts or gloves
• 1 warm hat
• Swimsuit and towel optional
• Water bottle
• Combination or key lock

Field Trip: Museum of Anthropology, UBC

On Thursday, Oct. 11th, ConnEx 9 and ConnEx 10 students will be travelling to The Museum of Anthropology at UBC. Grade 9 students will participate in a guided tour: Framing Stories, while the Grade 10s participate in their own learning focus. We are looking forward to this awesome learning experience!

Important reminders for students:

*Remember to bring a lunch as there are few food options on site.

*It is your responsibility to get to the Museum on your own. Connect with your peers and travel down together! Transit instructions are provided with Field trip form.  Don’t forget your bus fare/Compass Card!

* Please wait at the UBC bus loop upon arrival where teachers will meet you to escort you to the Museum

ConnEx 9: Practice blog post

Hi all,

Answer the following questions for your first blog post!

Title: About ME

Things I really like:

Some things you need to know about me:

Some things I want to get better at this year:

The easiest way to show what I know is:

Why I’m excited about ConnEx:

Try to “Set a featured image” at the bottom right of your post edit screen

Thinking of ConnEx for next year?

Students interested in ConnEx 9 and 10 can get application forms from Ms.  Mindlin in Room 206, English 8 teachers (for ConnEx 9) or Social Studies 9 teachers (for ConnEx 10), or they can be found below. Completed applications are due by MARCH 16th!  There will be a Parent Information Night on March 8th at 6:30 in the Multi-Purpose Room. Come see if ConnEx is right for you.

ConnEx 9 Application 2018-2019 Fillable

ConnEx 10 Application 2018-2019 Fillable