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Website Evaluation


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Currency Timeliness of the information Relevancy Appropriateness of the information Authority

Source of the information


Reliability and correctness of the information


 Purpose and objectivity of the information should be clear.

Is there a date the information was published, posted or updated?


Do links to other sites or information work properly?

Does the information on the site answer your research questions?


Is the information at an appropriate level?

Is the author identified and qualified to write about this topic? 


Can they be contacted?


Does the URL represent a credible source?

(for example, – Canadian government  

.com – commercial website)

Is the information well researched and documented? 


Does it include a bibliography?


Are there errors in spelling, punctuation or grammar?

Is the information intended to teach or inform?


Is the information based on fact, rather than opinion?


Is the site free of stereotyping and bias (racial, cultural , faith or gender)?



American Revolution

American Revolution 101

US History American Revolution

Boston Massacre

Boston Massacre Part 2

Intolerable Acts




Free Trade-in at Apple

Seed Banks

Evolution of Hippos

Flying Penguins

Jackalope Conspiracy

Dihydrogen Monoxide

Lady Gaga

Wab Kinew


Aluminum Foil Beanie

Newspaper Reprint – Serena Williams


How did the telescope change the way we view the world?

Trump’s Mission

Alexander Graham Bell

Tree Octopus

All About Explorers

Climate Change




Pesky Pathogens (Choose at least one purple site)





Use the citation tool Bibme (Citation Guide) to complete your bibliography. 

Remember that your bibliography needs to be in alphabetically order.