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Panthers Preview New Books

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Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

If you’re looking for a modern monarchy romance where the heroine is strong willed and awesome in general, this is one book that would probably interest you! Mare is a girl who doesn’t care for romance but only cares about surviving in her twisted world and keeping her family fed and safe. Even when she doesn’t care about romance there is still romance put into the story smoothly. Whether you like romance or not won’t matter for this read. You won’t be able to put the book down and you will be begging for the next one. Red Queen is packed with cool magic, a messed up monarchy system, well developed characters, romance and plot twists! I’m still waiting for someone to tell me they didn’t like this book! I would honestly give this a 5/5 and I’m sure you will too, at least something close!


Janavi Chawla

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Hey Moscropians!,

Its Zainab from Grade 9 to tell you guys about an awesome book from our library, here at Moscrop. Its called The Girl In The Blue Coat by Monica Hesse. The story takes place in the time of Hitler and the Nazi. The main character is a girl named Hanneke, who has to smuggle illegal foods like bacon to help her family get an income.However, her parents don’t know about this job so she works at a bookstore as well. Surviving through a war is hard but Hannekes boyfriend had also died in the war. She mourns him throughout the course of the book because she believes that it is her fault for his death. The adventure begins when one of her clients asks her to find a Jewish girl that she was hiding who is meant to be dead. Hanneke takes a wild journey and survives with the help of her friendship with family and friends. If you asked me how I liked this book, I would tell you honestly that this book is a 10/10. For me, it has the perfect amount of adventure, sappiness, friendship,family and even loss of love. I really enjoyed reading this book because it feels like you are going back in time and you get to experience the war and what people had to experience in their life. I really like how this book was so well written by an author who dedicated her time to write about a sensitive topic for many people. Even if you don’t like books that revolve around war, you don’t need to worry because there is no disturbing scenes. I really hope you guys decide to read this book. Remember it’s 10/10!

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AsapSCIENCE: Answers to the World’s Weirdest Questions, Most Persistent Rumors, and Unexplained Phenomena by Mitchell Moffit and Greg Brown.

You’ll finish the book in less time than it’d take you to read that mouthful of a title! 
Being an avid science lover myself, I found it extremely difficult to rip my eyes away from the pages for more than ten seconds, especially since they’ve got such fun illustrations.
People have looked over my shoulder and asked, “What are you reading?” only to see a page all about morning wood. I’ve constantly had to explain myself and all I can say is… this book is an amazing conversation starter! What’s better than talking about viruses with a cool person you’ve never had the chance to talk to? Nothing.
Well, maybe chocolate… but other than that, nothing
I would give this book 4.9/5 stars. The only reason why I didn’t give that final 0.1 is because I wish it was much, much longer. Gimme more!
You’ve got to check this book out, whether you like science, love science, or absolutely hate it!  So come on down to the Moscrop Learning Commons… Asap!
By Mina 
Hello, I’m Mina! Today I’ll be reviewing Madly, by Amy Alward.
This book is referred to as The Potion Diaries, Potion #1 in the UK and British Commonwealth, but here, it’s calledMadly.
I like to think that reading a book is practically the same as entering a time traveling machine, or a machine that sends you off into a parallel universe. In the case of Madly, it’s the latter. Madly takes place in the 21st century in a world where magic is not a deck of cards, where people don’t take medicine but rather drink potions and where there are “the talented” (people who can harness their magical powers through an item) and “the ordinary” (people who can’t do that magic mumbo-jumbo). The story is about Samantha, an alchemists’ apprentice, who enters a hunt to search for an antidote to cure the princess
One thing that I really liked about this book, is how much I can relate with the main character. Samantha is tall and awkward, of eastern heritage, has a “talented” sister while being ordinary and a bit of a potion nerd. It’s very refreshing to read a book that isn’t about another “average”, “normal” Caucasian girl who’s overly clumsy and just happens to catch the attention of the hot mysterious guy.
Personally, it’s pretty difficult to find stories that revolve around Asian characters unless the book is:
A) About war
B) A history book
C) About racism
E) A comic book / manga
D) From Asia.
I’m also really glad that the other characters didn’t mention her height every two seconds. I read another book where one of the main characters was Chinese and overweight and the characters talked about it so much that I felt like the real story was never going to start. I mean, it’s nice that the author was trying to diversify the characters and all, but it feels like she was just making fun of her instead.
The book is a bit slow in the beginning, but it gets so goodlater on. I like how the whole book doesn’t just revolve around romance and has plenty of action and adventure. If you’re into romance though, stay tuned because there are definitely some good “ooh-lah-lah” moments in there which will make you grin like an idiot. By the way, there are no graphic scenes where people get a bit too… touchy-feely, so hooray for clean fiction!
The conflict in Madly reminds me a lot of sleeping beauty, only this time, the princess is in another kind of deep sleep. As you’ll see in the first couple of pages of Madly, princess Evelyn falls in love with herself due to accidentally drinking a love potion meant for someone else. Like in sleeping beauty, everyone is scrambling to save her (or at least, in sleeping beauty everyone was scrambling to prevent her from pricking her finger on a spinning wheel, but let’s not mind the small details). There’s even an “evil fairy” kind of character.
Overall, I’d recommend this book to people who liked The Hunger Games, because they both share plenty of similarities, one being the theme of a “competition” of sorts where people play dirty to get their way.
I’m not quite sure how I feel about the sequel coming out on October the 18th… I mean, I LOVE all the adventure and puzzle solving, but I might get tired of the main romantic pairing. I’m one of those people who likes the part when the main pairing doesn’t actually get together or tell each other their feelings yet (I call this part “the chase”). I prefer those awkward situations, “close call” moments and the tension that the reader senses between them, over the two kissing and holding hands like it’s the most natural thing in the world.
Thankfully, as I mentioned earlier, the story doesn’t revolve so much around romance that the book should be classified as just a romance novel. It has just the right balance between adventure, fantasy and romance, but in the sequel, the romance part may be toned down just a bit if Amy Alward likes “the chase” as much as I do. Maybe I’ll pick it up if I see it somewhere.
If I were to give this book a star rating, I would rate it 4.65 stars out of 5. It’s 93%, a high A! The only reason why I didn’t give this a 5/5 rating, is because of how Zain is just slightly cliché. Just slightly. I mean, Zain isn’t another one of those prom king jocks with blond hair, blue eyes and tan skin, but he’s super hot and stylish. Why are the guys always so hot? …Not that I’m complaining or anything… he just seems like adifferent cliché… 
Aha! I’ve got it! He’s the “brooding rich guy, who wants to do something other than succeed his family company and is also super hot because why not”.
I fell madly in love with Madly and hopefully you do too! Check it out of the library if you’re interested!
Happy Reading!