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Each year in May approximately 1200 Burnaby elementary students in grade 7 (or lower) enter the national Grade 7 Gauss mathematics contest created by the University of Waterloo.  

At the same time, about 500 Burnaby students in grade 5 (or lower) participate in the Abel mathematics contest created by the Burnaby School District.

Past Abel and Gauss contests are available at the following pages:

Abel                       Gauss

For both contests, students may use rulers, compasses and paper for rough work.

Calculators are allowed, with the following restriction: students may not use a device that has internet access, that can communicate with other devices, or that contains previously stored information. For example, students may not use a smartphone or a tablet.


  •  1 hour time limit
  • 25 multiple-choice questions (each with 4 possible answers marked A, B, C or D but only one of these is correct)
  • Scoring: Each question is worth one mark.  There is no penalty for an incorrect answer


  • 1 hour time limit    
  • 25 multiple-choice questions (each with 5 possible answers marked A, B, C, D, and E but only one of these is correct)
  • Scoring: Each correct answer is worth 5 marks  in Part A, 6 in Part B, and 8 in Part C.  There is no penalty for an incorrect answer. Each unanswered question is worth 2, to a maximum of 10 unanswered questions.  Highest possible score is 150 marks.


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