Lyndhurst Battle of the Books

Everyone in Divs 1 and 2 are busy reading their books for the 4th annual Battle of the Books! The 10 titles are:

Eight Keys                                                   Wonder

Endangered                                                 Whispers from the Ghetto

Handful of Time                                         Wildlife

Inside Out and Back Again                    Matilda

Ninth Ward                                                  The One and Only Ivan



37 responses to “Lyndhurst Battle of the Books

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I’m looking forward to reading your comments. If you’re going to give your opinion about the book, please back it up with reasons. Better yet, tell me a part about the book that you really connected with, a part that moved you, made you think of something you’d never thought of before, taught you something about another person/place. For example, when I read Endangered, I had never heard about bonobos before. I did not realize that people would snatch them from the wild where they were living in peace with their groups, and try to sell them. That shows us something about how desperate people’s living conditions must be in the (un)Democratic Republic of Congo. I was also surprised and distressed when I learned at the beginning that Sophie’s mother put her sanctuary ahead of her family. While I admire her dedication to the bonobos, my daughter will always be top priority. Obviously,Sophie has conflicting feelings about her mother. How does their relationship change during the course of the events?

  2. Wonder-For those of you that have read it: Do you think the author realistically portrayed Auggie’s relationship with the other students? How do you think you might react if Auggie suddenly showed up at Lyndhurst? Do you think you would be able to see the person he is underneath his deformity?

    • What are your opinions about this book is it humorous, sad, adventures, or mystery. Please reply soon so i should know if i should read it.

  3. “Ninth Ward” to me is a very intriguing read. With the highs and lows and the new experiences Lanesha has in her 12th year. I really enjoy reading about Hurricane Katrina because I know only a little about the catastrophe but what I do know is very interesting. Reading about phenomenons like this really makes me think about what I would do in situations like this. I think another reason I enjoy this book is because I can relate, Lanesha is only one year younger than I am and she seems, more real and more mature than many other characters that have narrated stories I have read. I can understand politics and know about the Ninth Ward in New Orleans and how difficult it was for people in that area. Although I am not quite finished the book I admire Lanesha’s take on life, meanings and signs and her leadership strength. I recommend this book to anyone who knows about catastrophes like the Hurricane Katrina and would like to learn even more about what goes on in different worlds, and how people of the Ninth Ward react to the storm. I am looking forward to reading about when the storm hits, and possibly the aftermath of the storm for I don’t know quite yet when the events in the book stops.

  4. My name is Delani and I’m on the 159th page of Handful of Time. I think this book is anxious because every part is leading up to the next, for example when Aunt Ginnie tells Patricia her mother is coming to visit and she has something to tell her. I’m about 20 pages to the end and I can’t put it down.

  5. “Whispers From the Ghettos” Is an interesting book to read. This book consist of several stories from many different people that were captured and put in ghettos. The stories tell you about the ways people escaped and also their lives in he ghettos. Some are children and some are adults. Not all escape; but not all try to escape. This book would be more interesting for children ages 10 and up. I would rate this book 8.5/10. It is very interesting and exciting.

  6. I’m reading wonder. It’s a book about a boy who has a disformed face, he has had tons of surgeries since he was born. Now he is going to a new school, at first he feels nervous but then when three students named Charlotte, Julian and Jack. I just started this book and it’s already funny and I just can’t put it down when i start reading it.

  7. Hi my name is Alec and the book that I read was Inside Out and Back Again. If I were on that ship I would have been going crazy if I had known that the ship might not find us and if I had to live with someone that I never met. The beginning was quite boring for the first fifty pages until I just couldn’t put the book down. Out of a ten I would rate this book an eight. The book was pretty enjoyable but it would have been better if the beginning was not so boring. The reason the beginning was boring was because the action hadn’t really started and the way they were describing things wasn’t that interesting. Those are my reasons for my I liked and didn’t like that book.

  8. I’ve just finished reading “Handful of Time”, and it’s not bad. It starts rather boring, but gets more interesting towards the middle. Like most books I guess. I especially liked the part when Patricia was finaly accepted by the group and she was having fun at the lake. This book is probably considered a historical fiction but it could be considered something else. The main plot line for those who don’t know what it is, it’s when Patricia’s parents get separated, so they send her to a lake with her cousins (who she doesn’t know). She is used to a planned out life, but at the lake everything is not. I’ll let you read more about it. Enjoy.

    • I am reading the book whispers from the Ghettos. It is really boring because it just talks about people that were in Ghettos during world war2

  9. The book I read was Wonder, it is about a kid named August with a diformed face. He was treated very bad by everyone except his family and his dog. Bullied by a kid named Julian and his followers/friends. August made some friends named Summer and Jack accepting him even from his diformity. “Never Judge a Kid by Their Looks.” Anyways it is a very good book I really recommend it to people who like mixed stories of happines and sadness.

  10. August or Auggie, is a perfectly normal kid in the inside. He enjoys video gaming, Star Wars, and ice cream. However, Auggie was born with a facial deformity and looks very different other kids. His parents were homeschooling him up until Grade 5. What happens when he gets enrolled into an actual school? A story told by different people, allowing you to get a view of the story at different eyes, “Wonder,” is a touching story that will get you laughing and inspired by the humor and kindness. As well of a sad tale of bullying. R.J. Palacio is an excellent author, telling the humor and thoughts of fifth graders perfectly.

    I thought the book was exciting and humorus at times because nothing was really predictable and I love the sarcastic jokes in it. The author seemed to pluck thoughts out of my head at times and create a page-turning story with humor and sadness. I rate “Wonder” an 11 out of 10 and I think that kids 8 years old and up should read this. A humorous and sad school life…

  11. Hi there, my name is Husayn, I have read Matilda and before I read this book I thought it would be a mysterious book, but, it turned out to be a humerous novel. I thought it was a great book because, it had lots of humor. I suggest reading this book to all because it was an amazing story.

  12. hi,my name is alexander. I am reading Endangerd.The story is about a girl named sophie and a bonobo named otto.I have a few cons for this book1 it is WAY to predictable2 when you get half way thru the book it gets REALLY BORING.Thats what I halft to say about Endangerd, peace out (:

  13. I’m reading wonder. It’s a book about a boy named August who has a disformed face, he has had tons of surgeries since he was born. Now he is going to a new school, at first he feels nervous but then when three students named Charlotte, Julian and Jack show him around the school he starts to lose his nervousness. I just started this book and it’s already funny and I just can’t put it down when i start reading it.

  14. Adriano and Jorden

    I really like the book Wild Life. It is a very interesting book. I like the part when Erik tries to survive off the land. From my perspective it is a good book.

    I really like the book wild life to. I think the best part was in the middle of the book because thats when it gets interesting. I like the part when Erik learns from Qill on how to hunt and when he is hunting. I also like it when erik gets cought.

    Adriano and Jorden
    You should read this book.

  15. Hi, my name is Andrei and the book i’m reading is Wonder. It starts with August Pullman, starting public school for the first time in his life, he’s 11. Now things aren’t so good for August because he was born with a deformed head. He is bullied along the way but gains friends down the road and it turns great for him. This is an inspiring book for all ages regarding bullying. Out of 10 i rate this a 9/10.

  16. Hi my name is Brandon and I read the book “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio. It is a great book. It is about a boy named August Pullman, that has deformed face because of this gene in his body make his face look abnormal. This book comes from many different peoples perspectives through August whole life up to when he graduates from grade 5.It is very interesting to learn about how these people think about August. He lives through life through all the hardships but along the way, he meets new friends and ends up getting something special at the end. I would rate this a 9.5/10 because it is really interesting but at certain parts it is kind of boring.

  17. Wonder review
    This book is about August Pullman who is born with facial deformity that prevented him from going to school his whole life.
    Now for the first time he is going into a middle school in grade 5 at Beecher prep.
    He has a certain like for Halloween & Star Wars.
    R.J. Palacio has written a modern classic with tons of refrences. This book can teach others what happens when you are someone like August.
    It also shows the life of his sister Via who tells the story on how she grown up with August.
    So far i rate it a 9/10
    – Darius

  18. Hi,
    I thought,”The One and Only Ivan”, is a spectacular book for all ages. The One and Only Ivan it is an easy read sutable for young kids. The book is about The Exit 8 Big Top Mall and Video Arcade, where Ivan the Gorilla lives in a glass box with his best friend Stella the Elephant. Mac the owner lets the animals have toys like a baseball bats and T.V’s.

    Julia one of the workers daughters gives Ivan paper paint and crayons to draw with.

    I enjoyed this book I hope you can read it to.

  19. Rianna & Nicole

    Hi, my name is Rianna i’m reading book eight keys. I like this book because this girl is a little bit same like me. I like Uncle Huh because he is nice. I like the part of summer vacation. And i’m only on page 39. this is a good book but I don’t have too much time to read.

    Hi, my name is Nicole and my book is inside out and back again. this book is about a girl named ha, she is ten and lived in vietnam then escaped out of war to Alabama. i’m not finished yet but almost….I’m on page 212. it’s a good book out of 10 it’s probaly 8. 🙂

  20. This comment is from Nicole even though it says solomonk. Her computer was not working.
    “Matilda is a genius. She could read long novels at age 4 1/2 and knew the amoung or words grown-ups would know at age 1 1/2. Her parents, however, were not pleasant at all. As a result, every time Matilda’s parents were being beastly to her, Matilda would prank them back. What happens when Matilda enters Kindergarten at Crunchen Hall Primary School? Miss Trunchbull is the headmistress and she is not exactly the nicest person in the world. In fact, she is terror of children there! For many years, “The Trunchbull” has ruled the school with strict rules and punishments. if someone could get rid of her, or she could be considered a hero. Matilda has to enter Kindergarten which is at the peak of Miss Trunchbull’s hatred os children. Will Matilda find a way to survive and possibly get rid of the horror of the school?
    I found this book hilarious with the pranks that Matilda does. This book is a comedy with a hint of supernatural genre. I would recommend this book children 8 years and older, since there’s a bit of swearing in it. “Matilda”is a story for children and adults alike, with hilariious comedy for people wether or not they’re looking for an easy read.

  21. Carter
    I am reading Wonder I have only got to the first few pages and it is quite good. I am wondering what will happen to August when he goes to his new school and the kids see him. I feel bad about him and how kids treat him. Via seems like she is bothered by how people treat her brother. His parents sound like they’re not bothered by how he looks and they treat him like a normal kid which is good. I am wondering if anything will happen to via. I am eager to find out what will happen next.

  22. This review is on the book “Wonder”
    This book is about a average “normal” kid named August or “Auggie” Pullman. Who is born deformed on his face.
    This book was kinda confusing but entertaining never the less. “Why you may ask?” Because it shows different perspectives from the people he meets. In simple form almost all the characters explain how it is to live around August.
    I would rate it a 9/10 Its funny it has lots of references and it explains how it is to live with or in the life of “Auggie” Pullman.

  23. This comment is from Jacob:
    In the One and Only Ivan the main character is a gorilla named Ivan who is the narrator of the story. He lives in a place called the Big Top Mall with his friends Bob and Stella. Their lives are not great. Ivan has junk around his “domain” . Stella used to be in a circus and fell off a ball and hurt her knee which has never healed. The person who runs the place Mac has noticed that Stella’s leg is not healing and doesn’t care. So he decides to get a new baby elephant called Ruby. Ivan does not her to have this kind of life. I can’t wait to find out what happens and I hope you will want to pick this book up.

  24. Hi,my name is Nicole. I’m reading Inside out & Back again, as you know ( or not :0 ) it’s a preety interesting book. Even though you or someone else thinks it make’s no sense..I for one do kinda know. It’s about a 10 yr old girl who moves from Vietnam to Alabama usa. Not to spoil it for you i will say no more. It puts a picture in my head of her and family. Out of 10 I for one say 8 1/2 :). Nicole out!

  25. I honestly don’t think that Matilda is that great. It’s very unrealistic because it has way to much child abuse like Matilda’s parents tell her to shut up or call her stupid and a horrible child for no reason. the trunchbull is throwing kids out windows and hitting them very hard when they don’t do some thing right and I’m thinking “you can’t expect a kid to know something above their knowledge level” the Trunchble jast hates kids. Also a whole chapter talks about Miss Honey’s past and it’s really dark like her father dies and his will was destroyed and the Trunchbull is believed to have forged a fake one. What is even more rediculous is that Matilda is 6 years old but has the smarts of a grade 6 it doesn’t make sense at all.

  26. Ivan is a silverback gorilla at Exit 8, Big Top mall. He doesn’t remember much about his jungle life as a baby, but he remembers loving to be able to paint with mud. Accompanied with an elephant friend, Stella and a dog named Bob, Ivan spent 27 years in his cage without seeing another of his kind. To pass time, Ivan uses crayons that the janitor’s daughter, Julia gives him and Mack, the manager sells for $25. What happens when a new baby elephant named Ruby arrives at Exit 8, Big Top Mall? Mack tries to teach Ruby tricks that Stella learned, and if Ruby does not comply, Mack strikes her with a pointy metal stick. Ivan starts wondering and planning, if he could get Ruby away from the place and live a different life than Stella did.
    “The One and Only Ivan” is a touching story told by the heart of a gorilla. I found the ending of the story quite predictable, but I love how it’s told by Ivan. I would recommend this book for anyone who wants a touching animal story but an easy read. Anyone 8 years old and older should read this.

  27. I read three books they were all wonderful but so far my favourite is Matilda. I really liked this book because I swear there was a lot of excitement especially with the part when Matilda was actually MOVING THINGS WITH HER MIND! I wish I could move things with my mind that would be awesome. Through the whole book I was just amagining what it would be like to be smart enough to have a cool superpower like telekinesis. So yah I really liked this book and I bet you would like it too. Id say this book is for kids around the ages of 8-11.

  28. I read Matilda by Roald Dahl.
    Some things I liked about Matilda are that she has the power make things move with her eyes. There was also a funny woman who threw kids over the fence at the school. Matilda is really smart, really good at math, and she likes to read. This book is really good and there is nothing that I didn’t like. Overall, I really enjoyed reading Matilda! 🙂

  29. So basically, it’s about a kid named August (Auggie for short) going to a new school. For just about anybody, it would be pretty nerve-wracking. Problem is, August was originally homeschooled. To make things worse, he was born with a facial deformity which got him different treatment, usually not so good.
    But aside from that, he’s your typical teenage kid who loves video games, sweets, and ice cream. People don’t usually notice this and treat him very differently.
    And then school comes. As expected, people treat him differently, but he does make several good friends long the way.
    All in all, it deals with the difficulties of his life and how he stays strong through all the surprises that come along with it.
    Anyways, what I really liked about the book was how they always switched POV’s (Point of view) to keep the element of surprise and how other people dealt and felt about August. I liked Olivia’s (Via for short) opinion the most, because it showed that even if she was Auggie’s sister, she had her own weird opinion on him.
    I would totally recommend this book for most people. It always keeps the casual tone of a normal kid instead of using big scary words.

  30. Hello, my name is Andrei and the book i’m reading right now is Eight Keys. Eight keys is about a girl named Elise. It’s Elise’s first time in middle school and things haven’t been so great since she started. She gets tortured by her locker partner by being called names, getting called names and more. she still has her Best Friend Franklin but going into the school year,things get worse. I’m not that far in but if i was to rate it based on what I’ve read so far, I would rate it 9/10

  31. Wonder is an awesome book! I like how the author has made the chapters end up being the other charachters point of view. It makes it interesting, for example, it tells you a little about the charachter at the start of the chapter and then it continues on to the present. This book is just amazing. One of my favourite parts is how some people stood up for Auggie at some point at the end. I’m not going to say what happens at that part though. I’d give this book a 10/10 🙂

  32. I have just started reading The One and Only Ivan and I am on page 8. So far I found out that Ivan is a gorilla with friends like Stella who is an elephant and Bob who is a dog. I have also found out that Ivan, the gorilla, lives at The exit 8 big top mall and video arcade. So far, I am enjoying myself reading this book. So far, I give this book an 8.5/10.

  33. It’s 1938 and you are discrimanated for being Jewish. The Nazis order you into a ghetto. You shiver because you do not have warm clothing and it’s freezing outside. Your stomach growls, you are constantly reminded of the sharp pain of hunger. An awful smell reaches your nose and you crinkle it. Remembering that you are close to the lavatories, you hurry pass to where you sleep. Entering the overcrowded walls, you see many people lying down, either from starvation or sickness. You shudder and head to your own space.

    These are the real conditions of the ghettos of the past. Cathy Kacer tells the haunting tales of the ghetto from WWII. I found this book kind of sad because they have sad endings and they are true. It was kind of boring for me because there was no action. I would recommend for people ages 9 years old and up.

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