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We are so excited to have Lori Jamison Rog work in our district!

Lori Jamison Rog is a teacher, author, and literacy consultant.  She has written many professional books on reading and writing instruction.  She serves as the Education Director for High Interest Publishing, which produces high interest-low vocabulary novels for struggling readers. A popular speaker at literacy conferences across North America and beyond, Lori is currently an independent consultant, providing professional development to schools and districts.

She will facilitate three 1/2 day sessions for Grades 1-3 teachers.  

Register on the staff development calendar.

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This video, by Kelly Vogstad from the Surrey School District, is FANTASTIC!  She shares a story of students' writing development over time.  She talks about the importance of modelling and scaffolding, and how students compare their work over time.  This is one of my favourites for sure!  Check it out!