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The Burnaby School District's primary goal is to prepare and support an inclusive, caring community of learners for the challenges of a changing tomorrow.

The commitment to learners in literacy is reflected in our district programs: Reading Recovery, Fast ForWord, Changing Results for Young Readers, Changing Results for Adolescent Readers, and Connecting Literacy and Assessment.

Many Burnaby teachers are on various learning teams, which include:

  • Collaborative Teaching
  • Developing Self-Regulating Learners
  • Communicating Student Learning 
  • Literature Circles
  • Reading Recovery
  • Inquiry


We are grateful for the support of Dr. Leyton Schnellert, Miriam Miller, Dr. Deborah Butler, Dr. Sharon Jeroski ,Faye Brownlie, Iain Fisher, and Trevor Mackenzie who work with us on many of these projects. They guide us as we build teacher capacity and support student learning.

Our commitment to literacy is reflected in our belief that all children can grow and improve in a whole class, inclusive environment.

This is how Burnaby is working toward ensuring that the needs of each learner are met.