G Suite (Google Apps for Education -GClassroom)

gsuite_logoG Suite (originally GAFE) is the educational platform of Google Drive; a powerful online suite of program tools that include Documents (writing), Sheets (spreadsheet), Forms (surveys), Drawing, and Presentation (powerpoint).  Word processing (Docs) has the advantage of additional tools, which allow for inclusion of students in the writing process. The new powerful speech-to-text synthesizer is a welcome tool for those who need additional support. Any file can be uploaded to Drive including MSWord documents, thus providing an online environment to share and access content.  Teamwork is organized through a file sharing system, either by individual file or through the use of folders.  You never need to know what version you are working – every edit is in real time. The commenting feature can be specific to an area of writing in need of focus. The latest addition to this platform is Google Classroom (organizational process for addressing assignment delivery and hand-in).

Uses for Google Drive (the heart of it all): 

  • writing process (brainstorm, draft, revision, edit, commenting, publishing) [Docs]
  • notetaking (Docs)
  • Speech-to-text synthesizer (helpful for those who struggle with writing or those who find it faster to talk)
  • Comment feature supports writing/thinking process and increased writing skill (no more guesswork)
  • research (fully integrated with Explore feature; includes bibliography) 
  • collaborative teamwork 
  • math problem solving and graphing (Forms)
  • surveys and questionnaires (Forms)
  • Analyze and interpret data, create graphs from surveys (Spreadsheet)
  • presentations (Presentation)
  • Create your own adventures (Presentation)
  • open/convert/read MSOffice files
  • access online or offline on any device
  • cloud storage
  • **Never lose a file again

Add in some Chrome extensions (if you’re using Chrome) and you’ve really got something. 

Uses for Google Classroom (organize everything): 

  • create a stream of threaded discussions through questioning (open to whole class or subgroups) 
  • organize assignments, annoucements, hand-in and return-to-student options
  • access online or offline on any device
  • cloud storage

Getting Started: 

We originally piloted Writing Workshop with Google Apps for Education.  Now we’ve expanded to any classes (elementary or secondary) who would like to work, organize, collaborate and write using this environment. Please contact any of our Learning Technologies team for how to access this powerful platform.

For basic instructions, click here.



Create a survey using Google Forms.

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