ImagineerTech Sessn 3

Sharing Lightbulb Moments: lightbulb

  • Go to Padlet wall:
  • Add your lightbulb moment (or an idea) regarding your chosen project, unit, learning since we last met. (*A great way to share ideas to help others) 


3 parts to this session and it all takes risk-taking! 

  1. Communicating Student Learning: An Overview telling a story that parents can connect the parts to a whole (Sheila Gourlay – Parkcrest)
    • Introduction by Sheila Gourlay (Parkcrest) of why and how she connected the language of her report card with her overview, classblog (where the educational/instructional story unfolds) and the student ePortfolios (the evidence of learning). It all comes together in one circle of empowerment. Please contact Sheila for why and how she came to these connections.  (Note: Parkcrest Primary department has decided to go this route this term.) 
    • Another Overview draft aimed at Gr 7.  
    • *Original template structural work by Glen Park School, Plymouth, UK
  2. A process for connecting learning with Big Ideas, Curricular standards, and assessment practices (backwards design+forwards design=engaged student learning) (Lindsay Holliday – Second Street) 
    • Walkthrough by Lindsay Holliday (Second Street) of how she developed an interactive unit that allowed for personalization, choice and voice.  Using the ALL-IN-ONE KDU template gave a holistic view of the “why and how” of the journey for every student. Reflecting upon the process showed that every student was able to be passionately successful. As well, it was easy to translate this to a summative reporting structure. 
  3. Time to map, plan, mess about, learn more, gather details and resources, develop activities



  • NEXT SESSION #4: Mon Feb 20   North 42
  • Mon Nov 28th (TLC) Next Steps Blogging Tips (Register on SD calendar)
  • Mon Dec 5 (Marlborough Lab) GAFE (Google Apps for Ed>collaborative writing/sharing at its best) – In the Beginning (Register on SD calendar) 

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