ImagineerTech Session 2

gearcircle_400Today’s session saw the return of a couple of graduated ImagineerTechers (Lindsay Holliday and Sheila Gourlay) leading rotation centres. We had a roaring time of learning some ways to integrate ideas, processes, procedures and learning technology tools and platforms into the classroom. Buzz, buzz, buzz. You can hear the wheels turn.

Lindsay: My Healthy Self project focused on health choices in our lives. She used conversations, reflections, Adobe Spark Video (ipad app) and ePortfolios to bring together critical thinking in action. Click on her link to go to her story.

Sheila: The Lost Story project focused on integrating Aboriginal story and critical thinking inquiry.  Concepts of reasoning, reflection, group discussion, compassion, empathy culminated in personal voice offered through use of ChatterPix (ipad app) and Photostory (computer) to tell a new story.

Livia: While writing process is a journey, the use of graphic organizers is a great way to organize thought and a roadmap of connecting ideas. This provides a framework outline to support the writing process. Inspiration and Kidspiration are software available on the school computer image. Teachers can request a take-home copy for use (click here to apply).

Janet: Images are the jump power to communication. Sites such as Pixabay and PhotosforClass offer high quality images by photographers and are copyright free to use in any project. Image editors (online:, on computer: IrfanView) provide options to easily resize for web quality (640 x 480) and allow for a wide range of creativity. (*PicMonkey is now an app for all mobile devices.)

Project introduction: student_voices_rosserplan



Core Competencies now created using single-point rubrics (wrote about it here).

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