ImagineerTech Session 1

THEME: Make your laptop your new best friend

Introduction to the world of using a district laptop dedicated to you. These included:

  • icons and creating shortcuts on the desktop and taskbar
  • bookmarking sites (Chrome URL taskbar)
  • multiple options of where your files can reside
  • wireless access – anytime, anywhere (*if you have issues connecting at home, let us know)
  • access to your HOMEDRIVE at home through using
  • connecting to School Connect Desktop
  • how to check for that elusive battery quality (click on the battery icon)

Problem with your laptop? > please email our Team immediately. Do not go through the usual Tech Liaison school process.

Where to get information? Bookmark our Learning Tech site – we write a lot!

Gathering Ideas: We used Answer Garden to have everyone participate via their devices. This was our link This site produces immediate results in a word cloud.


How can you use this tool in your classroom? Can this provide voice to students?

Project Thinking: 


NEXT SESSION THEME: Dip In, Swim In, Dive In