3 – Deconstruct Construct a Unit

Here is an example of how we deconstructed a Grade 4 Social Studies unit.  Click here for the video: A Brief History of Canada (by FrogFeet Productions).  We used our template to organize the unit process. (For example, I framed the unit with these throughlines of thinking: What’s the story? What’s the other story? How do you know the story (truth or whose truth is it)? Why know/tell the story (“so what”)? What’s the power of the story?


Things to consider in planning:

  • if you are using ipads, how are you getting the products off the device (*have a plan and teach process specifically)
  • if you are using software on computers or online, do you have a process for creating teacher account (if needed), saving, accessing
  • how are you planning on showcasing your process or product? How are you going to assess? What evidence of the experience will you focus?
  • what additional lessons will need to be considered? (eg. digital citizenship, research skills, text materials, note-taking, self assessment)
  • if you are using School Connect to have a place for your class to access materials, upload work, access your School Connect Desktop folder > Teacher Tools (to create your class)

*Work in grade groups to take advantage of our collective wisdom. Map out template and bring for next session (drafted out) > Thursday February 25th