1 – Meet your new best friend (laptop)

This session focused on getting to know the basics of your laptop (hardware, the TLT image, software). 

FIPPA (Freedom of Information, Privacy and Protection Act) – Law that requires all teachers to protect security of student content. Be aware that majority of online sites that allow saving or creation of accounts uses US based servers. Additional consent from parents (as INFORMED PARENT CONSENT) must be taken into account prior to accessing these sites (online and on ipads).

Story: Everyone has a story to tell and it is important to have a web presence to tell that story to your community. How do you currently tell your story? Does it reach the audience you need?

Online Resources 

  • Access to network drives at home: scweb.sd41.bc.ca  (put in your credentials and you are connected to your Hdrive and Teacher Community drive).  This drives works like a dropbox.
  • video downloader    Safe ShareTV
  • Image size editor: PicMonkey, IrfanView (on your base image)

Copyright free sites (these files are high quality) 

Online bulletin board (a place to park your ideas for reflection)

  • Padlet (sticky notes to display text, images, video).  These are our questions at the end of today’s session. 


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