1 – Communicating Learning

We started with these questions:

    • What does powerful communication of student learning look like for students, parents and educators?
    • How might a focus on communicating student learning foster increased student success, engagement and self-regulated learning?
    • What role does technology play in promoting understanding of student learning and thinking?

Change is in the air – new curriculum reforms are designed to transform education – creatingcompetencycircle “the educated citizen”. Anything we do should be connected back to “educated citizen”. (S. Jeroski)

  • 3 competencies of Communication, Thinking, Personal/Social
    • represent a continuum from emerging to sophisticated
  • profiles are strength based and student centered (descriptive and progressive)
  • Circle metaphor defines a process of learning (not a slice) > uses “and” not “or” 


Unpacking the New Curriculum

In grade groups, choose a content area. Unpack what it might mean given the following structure:


Curriculum Competencies (DO) Content (KNOW)
I can

  • …..   (Instructional strategies?;   

                     language needed?

I know

Evidence of Experience (SHOW)   (student driven and teacher guided)


Curricular Design – (pdf) (docx)

Framework (from Delta SD) – (pdf)