Project Stories Unfolded

Project Illustrations from our Design Teams: ImagineerTech, Communicating Student Learning via Blogfolios, Synergy, SETBC Tier 2, Voices in Writing, and Partners in Inquiry are listed below.  These are not meant as full units. Rather, they serve to illustrate learning windows into the process. For details, please contact the teacher or check their blog.

(*Note: These stories unfold using a process called ‘image mapping’. Some use Thinglink [online interactive image platform. Teachers can register for a teacher account.]. Some stories use a coding method.

Grade Project Illustrations Teacher Blog
K/1 Commotion in the Ocean (news green screen)  (2018) Sheila Gourlay site
1 Voicing Our Learning (2018) Justine Gastaldo site
1/2 Critical Thinking in Math Sheila Gourlay site
2/3 Learning – An Active Process  (2018)  Jinny Sim site
2/3 Blogfolios as Purposeful Reflection  (2018)  Stacey Albert; Jane Clark site
2/3 Fr BlogFolios Capture Thinking/Learning  (2018) Katherine Turcios site
2/3 Experience New Ways to Communicate  (2018) Allison Tze site
2/3 Canada – Research in Action (2018) Vanja Bermudez site
2/3 Communicating Student Learning  (2018) Crystal Smith site
2/3 Starting an Online Conversation  (2018) Alison Klassen site
2/3 Animals in Canada Tammy Pears; Ruth Stolb site; site
2/3 Canada Voices – using Makey Makey Angela Harrison site
3 Engage Reluctant Writers  (2018) Deanna Nicyfor site
 3 Aboriginal Symbolism through Inquiry Alison Johnson; Jim Irwin site; site
3/4 Will Tomatoes Grow in Space? Jessica Siu site
3/4 Fr I Wonder – Insect Discoveries Vicky Seto site
4/5 Biomes – Developing Research Skills  (2018) Beverly Lee  
4/5 Core Competencies in Action  (2018) Kristina Carley site
4/5 Writing – Engaging with Feedback  (2018) Belinda Chi  
4/5 Explore, Communicate, Reflect  (2018) Hayley Van Poele  
4/5 Differentiated Writing Strategies  (2018) Ann Ford  
4/5 Beginning Inquiry Meets Science Liane Karvelis site
4/5 What’s Your Top 3 Canadian Resources?  Liane Karvelis site
5/6 Integrate Technologies-Communicate/Reflect 2018 Mike Young site
5/6 Core Competencies – Knowing & Learning  (2018) Rychell Ruholl site
5/6 Expression Through Alternate Medium  (2018) Jaime Gomez site
5/6 Footprints (PEH/Career) Alicia Young site
5/6 Emotion Commotion Nadine Stack site
6 Fr Writing in French  (2018) Susan Jeffery  
6/7 Lit Circles – App Smashing to go Deeper  (2018) Deb Borgenstrom site
6/7 Living Digital Citizenship  (2018) Kristen Wilschek site
6/7 Beyond Display – Documenting to Learn  (2018) Carlene Montgomery site
6/7 Creating Collaborative Writing Environment 2018 Juliano Ng  
6/7 New Ways to Communicate  (2018) Kitty Cho site
6/7 Am I a Healthy Person? (PEH)  Lindsay Holliday site
6/7 Reflective Windows of Thinking (ePortfolios) Carlene Montgomery site
7 Collaborative Writing Using G-Classroom (2018) Alyssa Derksen  
7 Documenting Our Thinking – Lit Circles  (2018) Scott Hodges site
7 Ancient Civilizations Micheline Kamber site
7 Get Comfortable with French Verbs Michelene Kamber site
1-7 Authors & Voice – Using Google Apps for Ed (2018) Joint Team   
4-7 LSS – Integrating with Purpose (2018) Grady Hunter site
4-7 LSS – Documenting Individual Progress  (2018) Grady Hunter site
4-7 ELL – Writing is Communicating Lisa Bewley  site
K/12 LSS – Coding Web-based Database (2018) Paul Kane  
K/12 Year in Review    

Older Projects

Grade Project Illustrations Teacher Blog
1/2 The Lost Story (2014/15) Sheila Gourlay site
2/3  What’s Newsworthy? (2014/15) Tammy Pears; Ruth Stolb site; site
3 Discover the World of Eagles (2014/15) Jude Comeau  
3/4 Beans – Grow or Not? (2014/15) Stephanie Watt; Yuri Tsumori site; site
4/5 Explorers-Discoveries & Questions (2014/15) Vicky Lam  
5/6 Pack Your Bags-Where in Pacific Rim (2014/15) Marian Mann site
6/7 Wonder -Genius Hour with Focus & Passion (2014/15) Lindsay Holliday site
6/7 Who, What and Why of ePortfolios (2014/15) Carlene Montgomery site
6/7 Paris-Your Ultimate Travel Guide (2014/15) Brenna Willis & Dorelle Jackson site
7 FR Middle Ages – Back in Time (2014/15) Deanna Berg site