Laptop Agreement

District Laptop Take-Home Agreement

  • This agreement outlines that a District Laptop for take-home use has been provided to you as a staff member of the Burnaby Board of Education.

  • The following are suggestions to help you protect the laptops. These may include: * use the cable lock when leaving laptops unattended; * use carrying case when transporting; * Do NOT leave the device unattended in a vehicle, an unlocked home, or in a public place (eg. Starbucks); * protect from liquids or dampness; * protect from extreme temperatures (eg. trunks of cars)

  • I agree to the terms of this agreement. I understand that in the event of theft, misuse or carelessness, there is no provision for replacement. I understand that if loss or damage occurs while the laptop is in a vehicle, or anywhere outside of an SD41 building, I am responsible for any damage, and in case of theft, for filing an official police report and informing my school administration immediately. I will personally guarantee reimbursement of the replacement value of the Laptop to the District.

    (* This may require you to go through your own home insurance and pay its deductible.)