Comic Life

Technology not only changes how we write, but it also changes what writing is. In the media rich environment of the 21st century, digital graphic writing is one genre students need to be fluent.  

Why use Comics?

  • A great visual representation of knowledge
  • Easier to remember a visual graphic containing key information
  • Engage through thinking, creating and writing
  • Perfect avenue for writing dialogue
  • Helps organization through storytelling and storyboarding

How Can I Integrate Comics in My Curriculum?

  • Social responsibility stories using photographs imported with speaking bubbles (developing social stories).
  • Show a mathematical concept
  • Develop science process by taking photos of processes and add captions to explain both process and hypothesis/conclusions.
  • Delve into a historic event and represent what the characters’ motivations may have been.
  • Develop a newspaper-style, four-panel comic strip: Encourage pupils to create a short comic strip based on the styles of Peanuts, Garfield, Calvin and Hobbes. Progression can be made onto creating longer narratives.
  • Deconstruct a chapter in literature circles.


Getting Started Resources

Comic Life Quick Start Guide
Comic Life Comprehensive Manual

Advanced Technique