iPad Apps that Enhance your Language Arts Program

Pete the CatJoined by a group of enthusiastic K-12 teachers and principals, we explored a number of apps at our District Pro-D session on February 21st. The feature story was Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin. After listening to the story and the oh-so catchy song, we used a strategy called Milling to Music to move around the classroom to share connections with different partners. Great energizing strategy to use across the curriculum!

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This image was created using Thinglink, which takes images and embeds interactivity.  For more on using this in your class, click here.

Click here for a copy of the handout.

Click here for ideas on how to use Popplet.

We would love to hear how your students are using some of these apps.

Why Write?

Made with: http://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/make-your-own/comic-strip-maker

Sometimes a picture says it all…

While using ComicLife is a powerful tool to create comics, sometimes what’s required is a tool that has its own built in media library.  There are many out on the web to choose.  The one above is from LearnEnglishKids by the British Council. A range of panels, backgrounds, characters and bubbles are provided for you to select.  No registration is needed. More importantly, there is a download feature that allows you to publish anywhere or just print it.   Another site that you may try is MakeBeliefsComix, which has similar features.

How would I use it? Try activities with a sequence; writing lesson on speaking and “thinking in head” using bubbles; post (fiction/non-fiction) reading build a summary or theme; science experiment sequence; 3-panel beginning-middle-end of story; newspaper editors column; reflection piece.

We would love to hear how you’re using comic strips. Please drop us a comment.

SCIT 2010-2011 Celebration

This past month, SCIT Participants came together to share their learning journey.   As part of the SCIT program, these teachers learned how to use a variety of  literacy support software programs such as Inspiration, Kidspiration, Photostory, Comic Life, MovieMaker and WordPress Blogs in classroom instruction.  The SCIT program blends curriculum, instructional practice, classroom management, and communication around effective technology practices.

Our Learning Technologies Team and SCIT Leaders are so proud of  everyones’ accomplishments and their willingness to take risks in their teaching.  Using technology in a seamless manner can have its management challenges.  These teachers learned the importance of allowing students to practice the tool(s) before learning how to use them to support curriculum.  Ongoing assessments showed that students were engaged in their learning while developing their writing and thinking skills. 

As part of the reflective process of the SCIT program, I call upon our participants (and SCIT Leaders) to share their experiences in the Learning Technologies blog.  Please feel free to write about:

  • changes in instructional practice
  • ‘aha’ type moments that resonated with you and/or your students
  • discoveries about yourself and the role of technology in student learning
  • how your activities engaged student learning
  • how can Learning Technologies  better support you with the implementation process
  • what would you have done different in your learning journey & why

As an incentive, I will personally deliver to you a Starbucks coffee (or tea) in September if you are the 1st, 5th or 9th person to convey your thoughts.