Interactive Images – Using Thinglink

There are moments when an image tells a better story than just having a bunch of words on a page (actually that’s most of the time).  However when that image has a level of interactivity such that it delivers even more information, then you have a perfect marriage of visual and linguistic. On any given … Continue reading Interactive Images – Using Thinglink

ImagineerTech Session 2

Today’s session saw the return of a couple of graduated ImagineerTechers (Lindsay Holliday and Sheila Gourlay) leading rotation centres. We had a roaring time of learning some ways to integrate ideas, processes, procedures and learning technology tools and platforms into the classroom. Buzz, buzz, buzz. You can hear the wheels turn. Lindsay: My Healthy Self project … Continue reading ImagineerTech Session 2

Project Stories Unfolded

Project Illustrations from our Design Teams: ImagineerTech, Communicating Student Learning via Blogfolios, Synergy, SETBC Tier 2, Voices in Writing, and Partners in Inquiry are listed below.  These are not meant as full units. Rather, they serve to illustrate learning windows into the process. For details, please contact the teacher or check their blog. (*Note: These stories unfold using a … Continue reading Project Stories Unfolded