Hour of Code

PSSST…. Do you know what’s just around the corner? 

Come join us as we celebrate and learn during the Hour of CodeDecember 4 – 10.  

What is it you ask? This is a worldwide effort to show that anyone can learn the basics of code with a series of one hour activities (both plugged and unplugged). Its focus is NOT to become a coder or programmer, but to nurture problem-solving skills, logic and creativity. And most importantly when you include reflection, you’ve added communication to the process. Who wouldn’t want that! Just imagine all those opportunities to grow your neurons in a community.

There are entrances for every grade and every skillset – all you need to bring is a sense of curiosity. 

Here are some starting points: 

  • You can register your class here
  • Click here for activities from Hour of Code 
  • Did you gather supplies for your own ADST KITS from our list? It’s time to jumpstart them.
  • Did you purchase Spheros from us? Now’s the time to experiment and organize them in kits. **Need to purchase more? Contact us and we’ll magically appear with them. 
  • Interested in Scratch from MIT? 
  • Lots of resources here: CodeBC

Need more information? Ask any of our Learning Technologies Team.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing more information on how you can integrate ADST curricular and core competencies throughout your day/week. You can see all the posts under CONTENT > ADST. 

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