Lightbulb Moment – Conversation in the Round

Recently an email landed in my box with a link to a voicethread.  For those of you who haven’t seen VoiceThread, it’s a handy tool for collaborative communication out on the web. 

But let’s start at the beginning.  I was involved in a planning project with a school envisioning a whole flip of their library.  Aaahh, “Martha Stewart” time!  An “L” shaped technology research pod, e-projection island, cozy corners and circles of literary conversations, all while engaging the senses and bringing the world in and amplifying voice out.  This  wonderful teacher-librarian wanted to show me exactly her ideas and thoughts – without me having to drive over.  She took a few photos and popped them into a voicethread along with her recorded voice.  Now I’ve worked with voicethreads before but always in curricular content.  It suddenly struck me as this slideshow was going on that I was privy to her thoughts with crystal clarity!  Thanks Sylvia!   This has opened the doors to even more possibilities regarding the use of VoiceThread.


  • instructions to show a process (an easy way to use this in a flip classroom with ways for student responses)
  • Literature Circle or literacy response circle
  • writing process (“how to” revision group)
  • science experiment (discussion and replay)
  • math process (“how to”, critical challenge)
  • create/share with iPad
  • oral language development and inclusion
  • communication/sharing on the class blog to the world
  • documenting learning [student and teacher]
  • interactive session

If you’re using this with the iPad, consider creating a global class or school account.  This will make your organizational life easier.  How are you using VoiceThread?

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