Writers Workshop Learning Series – Session 1

This first session reviewed some of the basic tenets of Writers Workshop process.  Much of the details came from Nancy Atwell’s work.  We looked at the importance of setting purpose and identifying what is important to write about.  We all have stories to tell.

Consider the following:
I write about (topic)
Who I write for (audience)
Why I write (purpose)
I articulate my message (genre)
Where/When I do my best writing (style, habits)

We spoke about diving into “Writing Territories” (similar – creating those lists of ideas, places, deep memories to provide the “juice of life” to our choices of stories.  Sharing your “Writing Territories” offers opportunity for your students to be free to include many of their events.

Here’s a link to a few sample ‘ writing territories’.

Homework for next session:

  • Add to your Writing Territories
  • think about what/how this can work within your own setting (be prepared to share next session)

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