Kitchener Battle of the Books 2015

Hi there all Kitchener Students grades 5-7! We have not chosen any Battle books yet. Please post your suggestions here:

metro dogs of moscowThis is my #1 pick so far. It is also a Red Cedar book this year, so hope we can get enough copies if we use this for a Battle book this year. I loved it so want as many students to read it as possible. Stay posted for my review!




Sisters has been a popular choice for both boys and girls. This is a good option for a Battle book. Agree? Disagree?


36 responses to “Kitchener Battle of the Books 2015

  1. Land of Stories was excellent, very exciting and humour, but serious, too. I want to read the sequel. Overall, a great book!

  2. I think Mr. Popper’s Penguins is a good book to read. I thought it was funny sometimes. It is nice that there are penguins in a dance

  3. I think Buddy was a sad and happy book because he left Buddy in the house and it flooded. But it was happy because he found Buddy again.

  4. I like Mr. Popper’s Penguins because it is interesting and kind of sad. It’s interesting because the penguins go in a show.

  5. I like I Funny because it’s funny, and interesting and about forgiveness. It’s interesting because Jamie Grimm is competing in a funniest contest. It’s about forgiveness because even though Jamie Grimm makes fun of his friends and family they still forgive him.

  6. I think Land of Stories is an outstanding book. Land of Stories is very action-filled. I really like it a lot. It is very exciting and interestng, too.

  7. I felt sad that Lil’T’s dad hit Buddy and made him have three legs and it is a sad part.

  8. I didn’t like Dogs Don’t Tell Jokes because I thought that there would be a dog that tells jokes but it is just about a guy that is in a talent show and is going to tell jokes.

  9. Hitlers Secret was a good book. It was full of action and mystery. its definitley a page turner and you can’t put it down .I recommend this book to people who enjoy reading mystery and adreniline.

  10. I’ve honestly never been a fan of books about historical events with sub plots in them; but oddly enough I enjoyed Hitler’s Secret. I guess there’s just something about having two unlikely teenagers, almost my age, being put into an action packed adventure that just makes me want to know more about the situation. I liked the characters and their development, the way they were written. All in all, this book changed my opinion on books similar, despite my preconcieved idea; I actually found this book really insteresting.

  11. Land of Stories is a great book for all ages of children.
    I would recomend reading this book if you like action and suspence.
    This book is farly long but is a great book, and I do not recommend this book if you do not like reading. But if you are a book worm you have to read this!

  12. Land of stories is a thrilling, adenventurous book. This book is a long book so I do not recommend people who do not like reading long books but even though it is long it’s a good book because it thrilling and a bit mysterious.

  13. The Last Present is a really good book, though it’s a little comfusing if you haven’t read the other 3 books. Amanda and Leo’s friend little sister, Grace has been frozen somehow. Amanda and Leo now have to travel to the past to save Grace.

    • I agree with what you’re saying. At times the book was confusing for example when Amanda and Leo were in the past and the setting changed so quickly,making it harder to understand. I had read the other three books so I already knew the chracters.Overall the book was another favorite of mine. This book is probably my favorite battle book this year.

  14. I think I funny is a great book. I like this book because it’s funny and kept me interested. I like how it made me want to read the next book and Jamie Grimm is a very funny boy in a wheelchair

  15. Hitler’s Secret was rather thrilling and exciting but also very confusing and mixed up. The book would switch characters without any notice and it is sometimes hard to keep track of things. Overall in the end, the book is the bees knees if you like adventure and secrets. Hence Hitler’s Secret.

  16. I am reading I Funny. I think its a little boring so far because theres not really a lot of action and the jokes arent really that funny. I hope this book gets a lot better. 🙂

  17. The Land of the Stories was a very long book with a lot of action. I found it a bit repetitive because once the main characters Alex and Conner ot out of a suspenseful part of the book, right away they would get themselves in more trouble. I wouldn’t recommend the book for slow readers, because it does take a long time to read. I would reccomend it for readers who like long adventurous books, because there is a lot of suspenseful moments.

  18. The book Buddy was a sad book. The sad part was when tey had to leave Buddy behind while New Orleans was flooding, the boy was beging to bring his dog but his grandfathr wouldnt allow it. Now it Buddy’s journey to get saved by his family and friends. this book was sad, happy, and a miracle hopefully you will read this book and enjoy it.

  19. Naiomi and Alicia

    Hoot was an interesting strory. At first in the beginning we were wondering why there was a young boy running barefoot around, ( you will find out who he is later…) and finally the story began to unfold. We found that the story plot of hoot was adventerous, fuuny and mysterious. We think that Hoot is a story that everybody will enjoy since it seems to have all sorts of things happening in the plot. With greedy developers, corrupt politiciaians, clueless cops, and middle school kids in this hilarious book, we think that everyone who picks up the book will enjoy it!

  20. I just finished reading “I funny” and I get that the character is supposed to be funny but the book it self isn’t that funny. It’s about a crippled boy named Jaime Grimm who lives with his aunt after moving to Long Island after his family died. Jaime works with his uncle Frankie and one day while he’s working there his uncle tells him about a contest for New York’s best kid comic and with his friends Peirce and Gaynor at his side Jaime might win. To find out if he wins read I Funny.

    • Hi Lucas,
      I am planning to read it this week. Thanks for letting me know a bit more about the story before I get started, as now I am quite interested!
      Ms Solomon

  21. I finshed reading IFunny and I think it`s a pretty good book.
    It`s a short book ,but a lot of things happen in this book.
    It`s really easy to read because there are some pictures in it.

  22. DOGS DON’T TELL JOKES was a confusing title but the book was good!

    • Hi Dante,
      I have read a couple comments that agree with you. I also would have thought that the book would be about dogs telling jokes!
      Ms Solomon

  23. Hitler’s Secret was a great book at the end because it had a lot of drama, but at the beginning the book was slow passed and I didn’t really like it. I would rate this book 6/10

    • Hi Rohit,
      I will keep that in mind as I would like to read the book this week! If it is slow at the beginning, I will persist!
      Ms Solomon

  24. I really enjoyed reading hoot. I like how the child who is getting bullied in this book decides to stand up for himself. If he didn’t, he never would have found out about the owls.

    • Hi Peter,
      That is an interesting observation. I am planning to read the book this week and wasn’t sure how the bullying and his decision to get involved with saving the owls tied in together.
      Ms Solomon

  25. Some of my thoughts on the Land of Stories was that I thought the book was kind of repetitive, the twins would get find them some trouble, and then they would find a way to escape, but they would somehow find one of the objects they need for the wishing spell. Even though the actions had their own little twists, I thought the background plot or the main idea was the same. What i liked about the book was that I used a lot of descriptive words, so it gives you a clear image in your mind.

  26. I enjoyed reading I funny because the character was really funny but some of his jokes I didn’t get. Jamie lives with his aunt. this book kept me entertained

  27. Clement and Nathan

    Mr. Poppers penguins is a great book some parts were excited and some were boring. at first the book is really boring but then it gets interesting after the beginning. The book is about a man that gets many penguins. we rate this book 6/10.

  28. Jordan and Braden

    I Funny
    We really enjoyed I Funny because Jamie didn’t give up even though he choked on stage and ended up suceeding. When he was bullied he went through the pain. Jamie is tough because went through all of that and is happy. He went through the hatred when he was getting made fun of for winning with pity, he went through that and still went to the finals in gotham.

  29. I really enjoy reading Dogs Don’t Tell Jokes and Dogs Don’t Tell Jokes was really funny! Some jokes were bad, but some of it were funny.

  30. I find dog don’t tell jokes not that funny

  31. I must say Buddy is a great book for every dog lover on earth. Buddy is a heart warming story about Tyrone “Lil T ” Robert. Lil T would do anything for a dog.The boy loves his new dog fiercely and makes his life in a rundown neighborhood in New Orleans bearable. I found this story very slow to start because of all the little details that were included. I would recommend this book to dog lovers and anyone whose hearts are in New Orleans. What I liked about the book was that it gave me a clear image in my mind, so I can connect to the character’s feelings.

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