Kitchener Battle of the Books 2013

We have chosen the ten titles and are busy reading! The final battle will be right before spring break!

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  1. I am reading The One and Only Ivan and it just won the Newberry Award.

  2. I like Matilda.I think her eye-powers are intresting.She can move things with her eyes.they are very useful because there’s a mean princpal at her school who doesn’t like fun and games.My favourite is when a kid does somthing bad and gets thrown inside the spike chamber. n

  3. I am going to write about Wonder. Wonder is an inspirational story of a boy who has suffered through many problems. Its sad at some points, but also happy at other points. I would deffinetely reccommend Wonder, because it teaches you many ways to believe in yourself. Wonder also has a lot of suspense and surprises, if you love inspirational suspensful books, Wonder is a great book for you!

    • Wow Naiomi. That was Really good! I really wantto read this book now!! I love eart warming books! Thanks!

    • Hi Naiomi,I agree that wonder is a trully magnificient book that I absolutleyb LOVE!!!! Howevwer, can you reply what is your favourite character, mine is deffinatly not Jullian!!! I don’t understand why couldn’t they give wonder a special award, like really, it’s one of the best books I read and I bet you read. I love your replies and hope that you will comment more. Bie to everyone who read this. 🙂

  4. Hi, I’m Naiomi and I think that the book Inside Out and Back Again is a very good and heart warming book. I pretty much spent all night reading it and almost even crying at some parts. But, I still think that its really nice and unique book and lots of people would like it. A LOT!!!! I hope people get to read Inside Out and Back Agian and enjoy it as much as I did!

  5. Ninth ward is a great book. Even though the Lanesha is not really popular. She is very smart and loves math. When heracane Katrina happened Lanesha kind of became a hero. The ending was extreme.

  6. A Hand Full of Time is a both sad and a happy book in tier own ways

  7. I’m reading the One and Only Ivan, and so far I think that it’s a great book. Lots of people will love to read it. I have about 60 pages left and I can’t wait to finish. I hope that i can finish it by the end of this week!

    • I Hate the One and Only Ivan because it is such a slow book normally I could read a book like that in a day or two but this book is so boring I’ve just read other books in the end I totally disagree with you but thats your opinion and I have mine.

  8. My favorite book was The One And Only Ivan . I was so touched by the book ,to me i could read that book again because the way they wrote the book it was so diffrent to the way i read other books . The book was really emotional if you often dont read sad books.I recommend that you should put anouther Silverback ape in the story like they brought anouther elephant in to the book.After all to me the book was really good good and i think that lots of other people should read this AWSOME book.
    This book should be in diffrent languages so everybody can read this book.

    • The one and only Ivan was a good but sad book. I would rate it 9/10. At points it was disturbing especially when the poachers went and killed his parents and cut their heads,arms, and feet off and when Stella died, but other than that it was a very good book.

  9. Wonder is an awsome book. I really liked the part that gived Miranda’s point of veiw. Had some parts that made me feel very good that boy wasn’t me.It felt good to know how other people thought of this little boy with facial deformity. It was really sad when August was not treating him very fairly. I really enjoyed this book.

  10. The book I’m reading is a Handful of Time.The main character is Patricia.She is sent to her aunt and uncles house because her mom and dad has work and they don’t want her in their way.Patricia’s cousin, Kelly is being mean to her.

    • Gianluca, FLEX & Andrew

      Braden I agree with you I loved the the one and only Ivan and loved that part too 🙂

    • I found “A Handful of Time” boring because there weren’t many exciting moments and wasn’t very suspenseful at times. I found the ending was very predictable. However, whoever likes time traveling would enjoy this book.

  11. This comment is one and only ivan. The book is really good. It has its sad part’s and its good parts. What will happen to Ivan. when he leaves his glass cage. find out by reading the book.

  12. Wild life
    I enjoyed Wildlife a lot. I think it has a bit of drama and is a fun exciting book. It has some sad parts but every time there is there always is soluton. I recomend the book its full of adventure and fun. It made me feel sad but then in the end it’s a happy ending. so in the end its a great book that I recommend to any one its. pretty short book and is good for all ages that are good readers.

    • Hi Nikki im replying to your comment on Wild Life. I thought WildLife was a wonderful book. It was interesting and fun to read how he survived.

  13. Hi. I’m reading “Eight Keys”. So far its been one of the best books I’ve read. I Really suggest reading it because it really has a suprising plot twist on all parts of the story, I find it a thriller. If you alredy read this book I hope you enjoyed it. I Still didnt finish this book but this book is amazing so far, I wish this book can be carried on forever! This book is a really good read and I really suggest to read this book, its amazing! This book has some harder vocabulary. I even had to use a dictionary on some words. I really suggest reading this book though, its amazing!

    • I like your review on this book, I think you did a great job on not spoiling the story. I have read this book too, and I thought it was quite interesting. Your book review was a bit repetitive though and I didn’t feel that I wanted to read it as much as I thought I would.

  14. my comment is on handful of time its a great book because patricia goes into the past.Will she get stuck in time. read the book to find out.

  15. Hello,the book I’m reviewing is ”Matilda” by Ronald Dahl. The book takes place in a village[a.k.a small town]where a girl named Matilda is born. She is quite a brain, by the age of 1 she had an extraordinary vocabulary. That is but a preview of this amazing book. Every time I think of a book by Ronald Dahl i know it will be great,but this was amazing! I’m the kind of person who dislikes reading but this book sucked me in, it was the kind of book that lots of people will love. I highly recomend this book and im giving it a 9/10.

  16. I’m reading a book called the One and Only Ivan. The One and Only Ivan is about a gorilla that has 2 friends. One of his friend’s is a dog named Bob and the other friend is an elephant named Stella. Ivan tells what happens during in the past and the presant.

  17. I’m reading Ninth Ward , and I LOVE it .I love the way Lanshesha sees all the ghosts and the way she deals with the doofuses at her schooll. Ninth Ward is a breath taking book which I suggest everybody who read this coment to read this truly magnificent book. Have a great day!

    • hi,Alexis.I also think that the one and only ivan is a really touching and good book.I think it is really cool for a gorilla to speak.I still haven’t finished the book yet, because it’s long.I’m still on page 57.Even though I am not a fast reader, I still love to read.

    • Ninth Ward is an amazing book that was sad, but touched my heart and had a supernatural edge to it too. I think it described the true loss of the people who experienced hurricane Katrina and how it affected them. If I were to rate this book, I would rate it 11 out of 10.

  18. I think the One and Only Ivan is great and It’s a very touching book. I find It interesting and very sad at some points in the story, i started getting a little emotional at one point so i recommend to people who don’t get very emotional easily, enless you dont mind. I think Ivan is very unique and different than any other golilla, he likes to draw and even tho his drawings look like blobs theres always julia, a girl who likes to draw too who can figer it out. One and Only Ivan is a short read, there lots of chapters and the is a good book for ESL.

  19. I’m Eunji and I read the book called Ninth ward.This story is about the girl named Lenesha who lives with Ma-Ma Yaya who helped lenesha’s mom giving birth to her.Lenesha is little different from other people.It’s because she can see a ghosts and she was bullied.One day, the big hurricane came and only Ma-Ma Yaya and lenesha was left in that town.The story wasn’t hard to read ,but it was little boring.

  20. Im going to write about Ninth Ward. Ninth Ward is a very good book because it has a lot of suspense, action, and what it was like to suffer from hurricane Katrina. It describes what it looks like and what it felt like to in that kind of situation. I liked it because it came along with a story as well of a girl who gets bullied a lot and who believes in different beliefs and i think its very interesting. I really enjoyed NInth Ward and I hope you will like it too.

  21. Endangered is a wonderful book. It has some mature contents in the book that wasnt very suitable for me. I found it pretty sad that the Otto was treated very badly by the sellar. Sophie is the girl that takes care of the infant bonobo. The time of this story took place in the war at Zaire.

    • Hi, Alexis and I think The One and Only Ivan is a good book too, my favourite charactor is Ivan, I think he’s very unique too.

  22. I’m Maddy and i just finished reading the One and Only Ivan. It’s a great book Ivan is a unique gorilla, he LOVES to paint in his den,even though the owner mack sells them for $20, he lives in a mall with his best friends Bob and Stella and the owner Mack and the custodian George and his daughter Julia, I think this book is great when i picked it i just couldnt put it down!

    • the book Ninth Ward was a very existing book but it was very sad. Ninth Ward is about a girl who was born with a caul… and her mother dided the day she was born.and she was kind of adopted by the nurse… Mama Ya-Ya. Hope you guys are going to love it…!!

  23. I finished Matilda and I liked it. Roald Dahl is a great book author, some of his books have been made into movies.I am currently reading Inside Out And Back Again. I don’t know much about it, but I’m exited to read it.

  24. One and Only Ivan.
    Ivan has a unique point of veiw at painting. In Ivan’s childhood he would paint on his mother’s back by using mud from the ground. He was a regular little gorilla who would always play tag with his sister Tag. Though this paradise does not last forever. Read the book to find out what happens next. 🙂

  25. Wild Life is a really good book Erik has to go away from his Parent’s
    Becouse they are leaving for war and he is Only a 12 year old He leaves for Iraq Read the book to find out what happens next 😀

  26. Hi my name is Jonathan. I recently read the book Wild Life and I really enjoyed the book because it has action and adventure like when Erik runs away from his grandparents and meets a dog and they begin their wild life adventures. I recomend this book if you like action and adventure.

  27. I’ve read Inside Out and Back Again. This book is really sad because I’m vietnamese I know what it feels like to suffer leaving your country because of war. In my opinion, the beginning of this book isthe best because she lives in Vietnam until the North Vietnamese invade while food prices skyrocket.

  28. I think Wonder is the best book I have ever read! That is why I’m going to write about this book. Wonder is about a boy named August with an unordinary face. But that doesn’t mean he is acts different. He is, after all used of the way people look at him. Instead of being home schooled this year, he is going to a public school instead! he does not like the idea but decides that this is the best thing to do. He does have tough times at school. But he doesn’t care until one day……im not going to spoil. But anyways August learns that its ok to be a little different and the story becomes happy, sad, and heart warming. I have to admit that at the end of the book I was super happy and i just felt like I was in his shoes. I hope you will love this book as much as I did and I hope you will read this! Happy reading!

  29. I read one and only ivan it was great. I liked abot the Ivan think he is an artist. It was easy to read. I read another book it is called Wild Life it is great. Because I like the boy he`s name was Eric he goes to adventure.

  30. I’m reading a book called The One And Only Ivan.
    This book is about of a gorilla. He has 2 friends a dog named Bob
    and a elephant named stella.Ivan tells during the past and the

  31. I am going write about wild life. I pretty much enjoyed the book, because Erik’s parents gets to go to Iraq by an army surgeon and Erik gets to go to his grandparent’s house which he only seen them one time when he was 3 years old, and I still don’t get why his grandfather Bib Darrel was so mean, and later if you want to find out what happen’s read wild life it’s reallry fun. Have a nice day!

  32. Hi. My name is Aaron and I read Wonder. It’s a very good book with lots of funny bits and some sad parts. It’s about a boy named August who has a disformed face and gets bullied alot because of his deformed face. I think the funnist part is when they talk about August’s principal Mr. Tushman. I give this book 10/10 for creativity.

  33. The book I’m writing about is Matilda. It’s about a 5 year girl named Matilda who is very smart and clever. Her parents think she is annoying though. Throughout the book Matilda plays some tricks on her parents and the head master of the school, Miss Trunchbull. Miss Trunchbull is very mean. most of the studwents hate her. If Matilda could get rid of her, she would be like a hero

  34. Wonder
    Hi Im Jaden and Im going to talk about a really wonderful book called Wonder and the main character August.
    Wonder is a really good book because it has some funny things like August’s dad will make a joke about his old teacher and it’s pretty funny. Theres a lot of times you will say oh my gosh whats gonna happen next.
    Wonder is my favorite book out all the battle of the books because the main character is a really nice person even if he gets bullied.
    The chapters are always a new thing too make you keep reading.
    I think Wonder will be a good book to read and i hope you will love the book as much as i do.

  35. I read wildlife and I thought the book was great because Eric goes on a epic adventure and I liked the dog Quill. I found the book is easy to read and I read it like seven days.

  36. Hello,I am reading a book book called Ninth Ward.I think is really good book .The reason why I like this book is because there is a lot of action.You might enjoy this book.

    • I agree with you this book is amazing.It’s actually pretty funny matilda is doing all those jokes.Matilda is just the best.when I started the book I thought Matilda the book was going to be more boring then the movie.I also recomend this book to people as a favourite too.

  37. Hi ! I’m Sharon and I’m reading Matilda, by Ronald Dahl.This book is very good and amazing!It all takes place in a small town ,her father would always be selling cars and her mother would always toddle down the street to bingo,and she as a 4 years and 3 months child, she goes down a few blocks and reads!That’s totally amazing ,and a recommend this book as a favourite!

  38. Hi my name is Genna,I just finished Matilda i think it was a really funny book. Matilda, she is a very smart girl. She act like a grown up.Her parents think she does everything wrong.

  39. This week I’ve been reading Ninth Ward. It’s a book about 12 year old Lanesha who’s lived with Mama ya-ya her whole life after her mother died giving birth to her. When Mama ya-ya predicts a category 3 hurricane katrina comes close to New Orleans every body is scared. Although with her friend Tashon and her new dog Spot will they stay alive. I recemond this book for whoever likes suspence and danger.

  40. I think Matilda is a great book.Is about a girl name Matlida. She is a very smart girl.She had already read all the books in the libray, she had to go to this school with a mean principal call Miss Trunchbull. She hate kids, especially Matilda. When ever some kids do some pranks to her. She lock them a room full of nails read this book to find out what some kind of mean thing that Miss Trunchbull.

  41. Wonder is a amazing book, i really enjoyed it. But during some parts it was it was really sad. I cried at some parts. But at the end you will love it, its amazing… hope you love this WONDERful book.

  42. I have just finished the book Handful of Time.
    I really enjoyed Handful of Time because it is very realistic as far as time travel goes and it is also fun to follow patricia through her adventures.

  43. I am reading “Ninth Ward”. It is a fantastic story. However I have not finished it yet. I feel a GREAT connection to Lanesha, Like somehow I know her. I think this is because she reminds myself of me. Ahh well it’s nice to feel a connection to charators in books. Many people say this isn’t a very good book, but i concere I LOVE this boom so for. It is very decriptive and spiretal. I hope that Jewell Parker Rhodes write’s a sequel.

  44. I finished reading Matilda. it was a funny book about a girl who has a super-human mind. Matilda and her friend play tricks on their evil headmistress, the Trunchbull.

    • I agree. The book Inside out & back again is a really good book. I really liked the part when Ha stood up to “Pink Boy.” The book has some really sad parts and zome really happy parts

  45. Hi my name is Clement and I read Inside Out And Back Again, it is a good book. It is about a girl called Ha with her family in Vietnam War. They moved to Alabama. Their father was captured in Vietnam War. When Ha moved to Alabama, Ha’s family studied there. Brother Quang translated English all the time for his family. I recommend this book if you like to read easy books. It is very easy to read.

  46. I’m Kelly and I just finishes reading Wonder. Wonder is a touching book about a boy’s crazy life and how he survives and goes to live his life as a normal kid.
    The minuite I picked up this book and read the first page I couldn’t put it down.
    August doesnt look llike a normal kid because when he was a baby he had a few surgerys. August had to get those surgerys because he was born diffrently.

    • I am in the middle of reading wonder and its such a great book! I feel so bad for August and what he has been through. From misunderstanding, to just being bullied from how he looks! My favorite part so far is when August’s sister Via got a boyfriend (Justin ). I cant wait until i finish the book!

  47. Hi Everyone,
    I have read all of your comments so far–43! There are a lot of good ones and some that could use improvement. Please take a moment to proofread your comment before posting as it helps it to be more readable for all our readers. For example, use capital letters for someone’s name, and places. There are also a lot of careless spelling mistakes or typos whoich you wod see if yuo loked it ovr–oops!

  48. Hi everyone. I just finished reading Wild Life. It is a good book.One of my favourite parts is when he raids his uncle’s room for a shotgun, shotgun shells, and his boots. I think that it is intresting that he knows how to survive on his own with only a dog, and a shotgun.

  49. I am in the middle of reading Wonder. So far, its a good book. The main character, August “Auggie”, was born with a birth defect. So he doesnt look like you and me. This makes it harder for him to go to school, make friends, or even go to the grocery store. I cant imagine what it must feel like having everyone stare a you wherever you go… and not in a good way. August also has a mom, dad, and an older sister who is very protective. Alexandra and I are the team captains for our group. I think that are team has been doing well. so far so good…

  50. The book that I am reading for the battle of the book is Ninth Ward. It’s very intesting and I enjoy reading it because it’s fun and I’m almost half way done reading it. The book is all about the girl named Lanesha and her guardian. She has a family in uptown city but her family didn’t like. Her mother died when she was born. I recommended this book because it’s really fun and interesting. It’s also easy to read.

  51. The book i’m going to be doing a review on is 8 keys , its a very interesting and suspenseful novel. At first, I realized that it wasn’t that interesting but the more I got into the book, the better it was. I extremely recommend this book if you like mysteries. So far, I’ve read 3 books , some of which are Endangered, Matilda, and of course 8 Keys. My favorite book is Matilda, because I like Matilda’s attitude its quite unique, and she is so brilliant! I haven’t really had time to read any other books but I hope I can read at least 2 more, i’m thinking inside out and back again looks pretty good.

  52. Hi everyone I read the book Endagered and it is amazing! There were some mature contents and I felt that those were unnecccesary. I felt really good when Otto was with Sophie because she was treated badly. When I picked up this book I was about to put it back down becasue of the introduction but when I read it a little more I was glad that I didn’t put it down because it started to get better. To me I would rate this 8 out of 10.

  53. Hi everyone i read 5 books and i think that the book Matilda is the book that gave me the deepest feeling because I find it very amazing that a girl at such age could do all that things. I saw the movie of Matilda and now when I read the book it helps me relate to it a lot more. Matilda is so smart and caring but I really don’t get one thing, why would there be parents thast doesn’t like their kids to read or learn and encourage them to watch more t.v. So far my team has read about 17 books i hope we could win the Battle of the books.

    • your right the book was depresing and sad but i thought the book was really keeping interested and i read every night a little bit.I thought the sadest part of The One And Only Ivan was when Stella passed away but Matto.D what do you think was the sadest part of The One And Only Ivan ?

  54. The “One and Only Ivan” Is kind of a depressing story in the beginning. He’s a Gorilla, but he’s really alone and depressing. He lives in a cage at a mall or a zoo, I can’t remember but he really has a sad life at first. I mean you read about him watching to TV and wanting to do what the people do. He’s kind of a loner and just alone at the beginning. But then he meets an elephant named Ruby. They talk and she keeps him company and everything. Shes a really good friend to him and he’s happy that he has someone to talk to. I won’t tell anymore because I don’t want to spoil anything but I enjoyed reading it and I found it really interesting. I found it very entertaining. If I were to give it a rating I would give it 9.5/10 . I wasn’t perfect but it kept me interested and wanting to keep reading.

  55. The book that I am reading write now is called “Eight Keys”, i just started reading this book so i didn’t really get an idea of how the stroy goes yet, but the book I read before I started reading “Eight Keys” was “The One And Only Ivan”. The book was alright, I didnt like it that much but I’d give it three and a half stars out of five. I would recommend “The One And Only Ivan” because it’s a very touching story, it’s also based on a true story, which makes me think of how the gorilla could’ve felt.

  56. I just finished reading Inside Out and Back Again, and I think this book is amazing. It’s about a girl named Ha who lives in Saigon with her family, but is poor. She has a few brothers, but she doesn’t have a father, well her father died. Then one day, her family were forced to move to Alabama because Vietnam was in war. Ha was very upset, she has to leave her papaya tree and all her friends. They had to go there by ship and it wasn’t fun. When Ha arrived at Alabama, she wasn’t as excited. She got to live with a cowboy who raises her family. At school, things weren’t good too! She gets bullyed by her class, and a mean boy name Jim. Her class thinks that Ha is strange. Ha thinks that english is hard, the nouns that add s, and ones that don’t. Then, one day she went to her neighbor and after they had, her neighbor, Miss Washington, decided to tutor her. I recommend this book to kids that like adventure or historic books. I would rate it 8/10!

    • I agree! This book is indeed fantastic, one of the best parts was when the American Rescue ship brought aboard the rations and food, otherwise , I was really worried that everyone on board might starve to death or get sick from drinking seawater! A part that I didn’t like so much was when the whole family realized that the father would be gone forever and prayed for him. That was also one of the saddest parts as well… But in the end, I’m glad that they eventually settled in the new land, since I know how hard it is to do that.

  57. The book I recently finished was Matilda. This book was very interesting due to the way Matilda’s parents act. Most parents discourage television, but in the book Matilda, her parents due the exact oposite. infact they discourage her from reading books, and encourage her to watch television. Since Matilda is the yougest in her family, she dosent get to have her say about how she feels about something. Eventualy, she gets used to here parents and has to deal with a new problem, the principal of the school, Miss Trunchbull.
    I’m going to stop here otherwise i might just spoil it (sorry if i have). Anyways the book is quite interesting and i do suggest it.

  58. The book I am reading is Wonder . Wonder is about a boy named August who has a facial deformity. He has been homeschooled his whole life but he dicides to go to normal school. He trys to fit in and gains a few friends along the way. They all try to help him fit in and feel welcome at the school. But some kids don’t ike him and be mean to him. This book reminds me of when I moved back to Canada, when I went to school I only made a few friends on the first day but most of the other people didn’t talk to me much because I was new. Wonder is a very good book full of twists and turns, I believe that everyone should read this book. I havent finished yet but I really am excited to finish it. is my wonder,Bye.

  59. I liked Wild life, I Like how the boy in the book decided that he wants to make his own decisions. I’ve read four books so far and this was my favourite. It’s about a boy named Eric that passed his hunting exam and was super excited to go hunting with his friend but his parents had other ideas, he was going to live with his grandparents for six months while the were going to Iraq. From there on it just gets worse. His grandpa is grouchy and mean and he gets a dog that he can’t keep. This book really held my attention. I give it an 8/10 rating.

  60. I am reading Ninth Ward, It’s really interesting because of how descriptive it is. I was reading it and it seemed like a normal book, but I really began to realize how great this book can portray each characters personality. I have realized that the action hasn’t really happened yet, although it keeps you engaged in the book. Ninth Ward is a book that I look forward to reading, It feels like I have gotten to know the characters pretty well, especailly Lanesha. I am having a little bit of trouble being able to “read” Tashon by how quickley he cheered up from Spot. My prediction for the ending will be that everyone will survive the hurricane and the symbols that Mama Yaya talks about will tye in with this and that she had been preparing Lanesha for this her whole life, I am also predicting that something will happen and Lanesha will find out about her mother. So far the book is excellent and I am looking forward to finishing it!

  61. Hi, I am Cassie. I am reading the book called Whispers from the gheto. Sadly i have not read the whole book yet but I am trying. This book so far, is confusing to me and mostly because it is about the Jewish. When I picked this book, i thought it was going to be a really great book because of the title looked interesting. Some of the begining of the book is good, the parts that are most confusing to me are at the very last paragraphs of the chapters. As i said, sadly i did not read the whole book yet, but I hope the rest will be more interesting and it probably is. i do not think i will get to another book before the Battle of the books ends. It’s pretty cool that the boy and his grandma would actually stay alive. And how he plays music, that he used to hear his sister. It is hard to think that somewhere people actually do this with Jews.

    • You seemed to be a bit confused about this book. It is a collection of short stories about Jewish children and their life in the ghetto during World War 2. I have not read all of the stories yet but from what I’ve read, this book paints a very good picture of the scary, depressing quest for survival these people went through. A lot of the stories do not have happy endings, and is definitely a sad kind of book, but if you are someone who is interested in stories about the war and are looking for something that isn’t all rainbows and sunshine, I recommend this book.

  62. I just finished reading Matilda by Roald Dahl, it was a very nice and funny book. Its about a girl that is relay smart and develops super powers.Her parents are mean to her and think they are perfect and think Matilda is not. She has asked them go to school and when they get her in school, they put her in a place ware the principle is really mean and dose not like children.

  63. I personally think that all the books I’ve read so far are fantastic! I love all of them, but one book just really stood out to me, it’s name is Endangered.
    It is basically about this young girl called Sophie who lives in the USA but decides to travel to the Democractic Republic of Congo to visit her mother. The story begins with a long introductory scene where Sophie is travelling by car with a friend, and heading to the bonobo sanctuary where her Congonese mom works. Along the way, they stumble across a poor, starving merchant trying to sell a bonobo baby for $100 American. On a whim, the character buys the young monkey and is immedietly in love with him. She names her companion Otto. Trouble starts when rebels attack the capital and assinate the president. This brave girl flees to the jungle with Otto and lives off the land, searching for food and shelter all while looking for her mother who went to free several young bonobos in the wild. She meets many people and encounters many situations and places on her journey, it was such a compelling read, I couldn’t put the book down! What will happen? How will it end? Well…You’ll have to read it to find out!

  64. In the begining the main character, Elise doesnt come off as the most popular, and its cristal clear that that is true. She has to face this horrible mean girl Amanda. Every day she comes in and Amanda calls Elise “Scabular”, she crushes her lunch, does the opposite of giving her complements and is down right rude to her. But she does have one friend, Franklin (no he isnt a turtle.) But they have gone through so much with eachother. Which is important. Elise has gone through some rough times, you will find out if you read it. But one day, her birthday, a special gift comes for her. Not in the mail, not from her aunt or uncle, but from her passed dad. How does this happen? What are the gifts? These are the questions you may ask when you read, Eight Keys. A very thought provoking book, and a good read.

  65. i like endanger the reason is because its exciting

  66. I just finished the book Whispers of the Ghetto. it is very good. I like how there is a whole bunch of different stories in one book and how it has a post at the end of each story. It tells you what happens after what already happened. I really like this book. if i rated this book, i would rate it a 8.5. Sometimes it would get not so exciting, but then it would get right into the story and then it would get really powerful and a little depressing because its about the hollocast, which is really sad. I personaily really like this book 🙂 Im am now going to start a new book. And i cant wait !

  67. I am only in the middle of the book called Matilda, For me i think the book is quite boring. I guess it gets better when you get closer to the end of the book. Matilda is a little girl who is really smart for her age, she enjoys reading books that are harder for people her age to read. Her parents dont like her reading books, They think it is quite dumb and boring. On a rate out of 1o so far i would say about 6/10.

  68. Hi im Jorja and i just finished reading Ninth Ward. This book starts off a little boring but it gets interesting towards the end. This book is about a 12 year old girl named Lanesha who lives with a family friend named Mama Yaya. Her uptown relitives didn’t want her and they sent her to live with Mama Yaya, HOW SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This book is about the amazing story through Huricane Katrina. I would recomend this book to anyone who likes a real heartwarming story. I am really looking forward to the battle. READ ON!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Hi I like Hand Full of Time so far because I just started the book. Also I think this book is going to be a good book because I heard that the main person goes camping and canoeing. 5/10


  70. I read the One And Only Ivan it was the story about an elephant who thought that he just the one and only elephant. Ivan was in the carnival but one day they get out in the carnival goes to the forest and see one elephant aand ivan feel happy he go back to the carnival.

  71. I have been reading Matilda and it’s a good book. Matilda likes reading books she reads adult. I thought it was wierd that a little kid reads adult books because kids only read kids book. when Matilda went to school she knew alot of her mulitation. She was the smartest in the class. For me the book is 7/10 and i’m on page 229 and almost finished.

  72. I have read the book Whispers from the Ghettoes I found the book really interesting since there is more then 5 storeis and its also about the nazi invasions, at the end they tell you what happen to the characters after the story and I find that really neat.If I would rate this book I think it would be 9 out of 10.

  73. Hi my name is Tatiana. I read the book ” Inside Out and Back Again”. It’s about a girl named Ha. Her family had to move to America because of the Vietnam war was getting out of controll. On the other hand she has to go to a new school and learn a new language. Ha has a really hard time explaining her self because she speaks Vietnamese not English. I can connect to that especially when im learning a new language. I would rate this book 8/10 because its an easy read and once you start you reading this book you cant stop!

  74. Hi I am Bryan and i am reading Matilda. Matilda is a wonderful book its about a little girl with a great brain she is really smart but she lived with a very mean family . Matilda like to read, solve problems like math. so I ‘ll give it a 8 out of 10 . Ihope you guy in joy it:]

  75. Inside out and Back Again was sort of a good book, but also a bit confusing for me.
    Also it is a very easy read with weird details.
    The book is about a girl who moves from country to country, tries to learn english who is running away from communist. And lives at there uncle`s house.
    I give this book a 4.5 out of 10.
    There are some details that are not needed in the book and it makes me confused.

  76. Right now I’m reading Endangered, I haven’t gotten so far, but I can tell it’ll be a good book. So far I know the main character moved to America with her dad, and is now visiting her mother back in her home country, Africa.
    And when driving in traffic, she spots an injured bonabo being held by a man.

  77. I have finishes the book Inside Out And Back Again. This is a really easy read for the poeple that doesn’t read has much. This book is about a ten year old girl HA’ that moves to Alabama and doesn’t know how to speak English. I would reat this book 8 out of 10 because it is a really awesome book. some poeple may not get this book.:) 🙂 🙂 🙂

  78. I’m almost done reading Ninth Ward, it is super exciting and beautiful. Out of the 4 books I read (Endangered, The One and Only Ivan, Matilda, and soon Ninth ward), I liked Matilda best, because it showed how if you try your best and plan well, you can do anything. I would probably reccomend all the books I have read, but if your fourth or fifth grade I would not reccomend Endangered, it is quite violent. My ratings are:
    1. Matilda 10/10
    2. The One and Only Ivan 10/10
    3.Ninth Ward 9/10
    4.Endangered 8.5/10

  79. I just finished the book Inside Out And Back Again. That by far is my favourite Battle Book so far, and I can tell it’s my favourite since I already read all of the battle books once. The story is mainly about Ha in the Vietnam War and how her family escaped on a boat that had a possibilty of sinking in any moment. Also don’t forget how she was bullied and had to adapt to this different lifestyle. It’s a very touching book and just a suggestion to pepole who LOVE this book another good book to read that has the same theme is “My Name is Keoko”.

  80. Pitson awesome epic person

    i had read inside out and back again. it is a really good story. its sad…. its almost same as me when i came to canada because it was about bullies…… and it is a good story, you guys should read it

  81. Hi am Isabelle! I finished reading Handful of Time by Kit Pearson and I think it is a very creative, fun, and a meaningful story. The main point of the story is that Patricia goes to a cottage during the summer and gets to meet her family. Patricia has a hard time getting along with her cousins because they dont have alot in common. Later on in the story Patricia finds an old watch under the floorboard and is able to go back to the past when her mother was a young girl like Patricia (12 years old). This story has such a unique base line and I would definitley take this book and read it again in the future.

  82. I’m almost finished reading Matilda just 43 page to go! So far I think this book is great and interesting but it’s truly terrible for the headmistress to throw children she dosen’t like…..actually she didn’t like anyone, especially Matilda. Speaking of Matilda, she soon enough in the story she found out this amazing trick she could do with her mind/eyes! If you want to know more just reading the book yourself, I rate this book 8/10 because this book completly amazed me when I read it. I do recomend this book for grade 5 to 7s. =^^=

  83. Inside out and Back Again
    It is a very easy read, so it would be good for grade 4-5.
    The only thing i dislike about this book is that it is very confusing and i dont understand most of it.
    4.5 out of 10 because like i said it is confusing.

  84. I like Endangered. The reason is because of how the author has wrote the book and the way he/she makes the littlest thing sound exciting. I would rate it 8/10 till now. I’m only on page 80 and it great.! The book is about this girl whos parents are divorced her dad lives in mimai and her mom lives in congo READ THE REST TO FIND OUT ITS GREAT

  85. Hi my name is Maddison and i’m curntliy reading “Eight Keys” it is a really good book, its is about a girl named Elise who is living with her uncle and aunty because her mother and father are no longer alive. This story will really make you think how greatful you are to have a mother and father, even though you get mad at them dosent mean you dont love them. it is also has drama, friends, and enimes in it to. I hope you really like it.

  86. I have read the book called hugo cabret, this is a good book that i think best picture in there. thanks to read

  87. I am about half through Wild Life and it is pretty intresting.Wild Life is about a boy named Erik Carlson, who is very into hunting and is now old enough to have a New York State hunting licence. Erik planned for a hunting get together, but that all changes when both his parents get deployed to Iraq. Erik now has to live with his granmother and grandfather. Insted of going on a hunting trip Erik has to survive without a computer or cellphone. Im not going to tell you anymore but I would defentliy recommend.

  88. Whispers From The Ghettos
    Will i haven’t finised this book yet i’m only on pags 5. This book is about the Holocaust that happened in 1939 when Adlof Hitler and his German Nazi armies invadedPoland to start the second world war.
    this book is preaty good.

    • Hi Arjan, I read the book One and Only Ivan. I totally agree with you, I think that it’s base on true story and it is very touching.

  89. My name is Arjan and I read the One and Only Ivan. This book is about a gorilla named Ivan. He lived in a zoo and loves drawing. I like this book because of the way the author [shaped] it. I give this book a 9/10 because I liked the characters and how you get to know them throughout the book

  90. I’m just about to finish Wild Life. I think the book is pretty good, but the few pages or chapters were pretty boring. Over all the book is pretty good!
    The book is about a boy name Erik Carlson he was old enough to get his hunting license, but all changed when his parents got deployed in Iraq so now he can’t go hunting.

    • In an addition to that, Erik gets sent to his grandparents that he’s barely met. His grandma is okay, but his grandpa is anti-social around him. Erik finds a dog and wants to keep him but his grandpa won’t let him. Eventually, Erik runs away with the dog and hopes to survive in the wild. I found this book touching, and the end was predictable but heartbreaking.

  91. I’ve read Whispers of the Ghettos and it’s so amazing/stolen from her arms.It’s so sad when Avrom is been taken away from her in this chapter,read the other chapters it’s so good !

  92. hi Guys,
    Great comments so far! Let’s take them to the next level by giving readers something to really think about: perhaps you are going to make sure they REALLY want to read the book, not just because you say it’s “Great” (let’s find another adjective to describe it! or perhaps you’re going to debate someone’s point of view.

  93. Let’s also think about some of the things we have learned from the books. For example, what have we learned about history from Whispers in the Ghetto and Inside out and Back Again? Politics from Endangered and Wildlife? These questions may be in the Battle!!

  94. I love all the books 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 !

  95. MY name is Rohit i was reading Inside Out And Back Again it was a really good book i would give it a 8.6 out of 10 it was a short book like a poem but it was interesting just like every other book i read so far.It was a book of the past when the vietnamese people had to leave and go live in other places because of war and some other thing’s that happened. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D::D

  96. Yay! My team made it into the final round, see everyone that made it there 😉 !

  97. Well… I think that the choice of books was really great this year! They had so much history facts disguised and stuffed into a book with plenty of things we could relate to as well to understand what the character is feeling. Some broke our hearts, such a when Ha was forced to give up her home, the only one she’s ever known for a completely new environment that was alien to her! But they could also warm us with stories of kindness, survival and hope. If only people would take the time to read books like these! We could learn and discover an abundance of knowledge from a single sentence! 😀

  98. I read Handful of Time. I found that it was that kind of book that you don’t want to read, but when you start, you don’t want to stop. I don’t want to give away anything, but it starts rather boring, and gets better towards the end. overall I found it was an ok book. 🙂

  99. “Inside Out and Back Again” To me was not a very good or interesting book. It might’ve been because Ha was too young for me to relate to, or that I’ve never been in a situation involving racism or moving of any sorts. Although it was a quick, easy read. I would reccomend this book to anyone who wants to get through a quick book but if you want an intruiging read, this probably isn’t the book for you.

  100. I read Spirit Animals and thought it was a really avery good book, it’s not much of a comedy, but it was very adventurous, had alot of action and had alot of detail. 1-10 I’d give it a 71/2!

  101. Jay :D & Alexis :3

    We thought Spirit Animals was a very good action book and it was also a very interesting. We think the book is good because we liked the plot of the story and all the ideas. We both wish we had a Spirit Animal. I recommend this book to people who like action, suspense and also for people who are awesome and cool.

  102. I’m reading Hoot and it’s a very good book. Even though I have only read 60 pages it’s a good book. From the start to the end it’s been adventurous and exciting, but there are violent parts in the book. Still, it’s funny and action-packed. Well, that’s all that i have to say about Hoot.

  103. The book I’am reading is “Crazy Man”. The book is pretty good so far. It’s sad at the begining because the dog “Prince” dies.

    • The Land of Stories is a very exciting and tense book.I would suggest it because they make narrow escapes during an adventure of a life time.

  104. Hitler’s Secret is a great book, I like how situated, and it’s
    feels like your there.The ending was sad because angelika dies.

  105. ifunny
    Ithink I funny was not funny .
    I thought it was going to be funny but it was not.
    It wasn’t funny because Jamie’s jokes weren’t funny .

  106. Spirit Animals is an outstanding book because the battles were intense and I feel sad for Roland (the master of a fallen beast Essix) couldn’t make Essix a tatoo means that Essix has yet to trust him. Conner,Meilin,Abeke fallen beasts (Briggan,Uraza,Jhi) trust them so they turned into tatoos i meant by tatoo is their sleeping form

  107. Land of Stories is a very good book. It is very interesting, because they go on a many adventures! It is also sad because their dad dies. But I feel the bo0k takes a long time to get to the point.

  108. Alessia De Blasio

    (Hoot) Hoot is a very good book so far, it is interesting because there is 3 stories that are going on at the same time. When I read it I dont want to put it down!!!
    Power to the owls!!!! 🙂

  109. Elena Caporale and Allison Ho

    I think you should read, ”I funny” because it’s funny, its a little sad and its a book that any age could read. I really like it because its comments and jokes are very funny. Also the person who wrote it was smart about what he put in the book.

  110. Hilters secret is a great book,I love the setting and how it ties to world war 2.The content is mature so if you don”t like scary books I don’t recommend this .

  111. In my opinion, Buddy is an amazing book. It’s about a boy who is one day on his way to church with his family and then he runs into a dog. Him and his family have to leave buddy behind when hurricane Katrina hits and they keep buddy locked in the bathroom with food and water but if you want to find out what happeneds to buddy after, you’ll have to read the book to find out.

  112. Hi!My opinion for the Land of Stories is that it is an awesome book! It is full of adventure and excitement!!!It is a page turner all through the book, I am looking forward for the next book. It is about two kids that accidently fell into there granmothers old, fairytale book so they meet a frog and the frog helps them try to get back home and they have many different obstacle courses but at the and they work together and try to get out of the land of stories!!! I recommend you to read this book it is a great book!!!

  113. I thought the Last Present was an awesome book. I like it how they go back in time and try to help Grace with her birthdays .The beggining was kind of confusing, but probobly it’s just because I didn’t read the first few books. I would recommend this book to lots of people especially people who love mystery stories!!!!!!

  114. I am reading Buddy and Hoot right now. Hoot is a pretty good book, not my favourite though. Buddy is a typical dog story, not very exciting, though buddy himself is pretty cute.

  115. I am reading Buddy right now. I’ve got to half of the book. At the beginning I was interested to see how the kid got a dog. I think it’s a good book to read so far though it’s not my favourite.

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