Michael Kusugak Author Visit

Students will post their responses to the author visit here.

One response to “Michael Kusugak Author Visit

  1. Matilda for me is the best book iv’e read, it has so much funny parts and some scary parts.I like it because some parts weren’t in the movie like one part Matilda borrowed a parrot to scare her parents.My favourite part in the book is when Ms.Trunchbull threw the girl by her pigtails because Ms.Trunchbull didn’t like it.The part I didn’t like is when Mr.Wormwood ripped the pages in the book because if that was me I would feel mad because that was a library book.The most funny part I like is when Matilda borrowed one of her friend’s parrot and used it to scare her parents.What I don’t like about her parents is because they don’t care about Matilda.I would reccomed this book for people who like comedy and kind of suspense.

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