Battle of the Books

We’re getting ready for the 2013 of Battle of the Books.  At Kitchener this will involve Divs 1-4: Mrs. Ewald, Mr. Singh, Mrs. Brendzy, and Mr. Rich’s classes.  We are in the process of choosing the books, and will begin reading right after Christmas.  At Lyndhurst it will run from March to May and will involve Ms. Smith and Ms. Deol’s classes.

The books we have chosen are: Wonder by R.J. Palacio, Whispers from the Ghetto by Kathy Kacer,Handful of Time by Kit Pearson, Ninth Ward by Jewell Parker Rhodes, Eight Keys, Wildlife, Endangered, Inside Out and Back Again, and the tenth book will be either Mathilda by Roald Dahl or Dogs don’t Tell Jokes by Louis Sacher. We’re voting on that one today, so stay posted….

7 responses to “Battle of the Books

  1. I like the One and Only Ivan because some parts are quite funny.I think a gorilla that can talk and draw is amazing!My favourite part is when Ivan and bob watch the romance movies!

  2. The book Eight Keys is amazing!I think that it is interesting.I feel poor for Elise.Caroline & Franklin are such good friends.Elise is creative. The first few chapters are not as quite exiting as the last few chapters, but it’s still favourite part is when elise finds her last key. I wonder if Elise will get caught up with her her homework.I think Elise has too much homework.

  3. Now i’m reading the book Inside Out & Back Again.This book is sad because Kim Ha’s family is poor.Kim Ha’s friend had to live in another place because they got rich and Kim was poor.It’s also sad because Kim’s Father was missing in action in the vietnam war.The author of the book is named Thanhha Lai.I reccomend this book if you like drama.

  4. Right now I am reading Endangered.I got interested very early in the story.The story is about a girl named Sophie and a bonobo named Otto and how they survive in the jungle with a war going on.If you are someone how enjoys gross stuff this book was made for you.Be warned this book is a mature read.
    Happy Reading!

  5. This book is fine.I like the part when he gets the shotgun, and kills the hen.

  6. 8 Keys is not the book for me. It is a book that is more for girls than boys.
    I would give this book a 4/10. It is not very exciting and interesting. If you are a girl, it will be more interesting for you than boys would.

  7. The book endangered is a very interesting book for me. It is about a girl named Sophie and a Bonobo named Otto who survive in a Jungle during a war. I suggest you read it but beware it is a mature read.

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