Week 7 – Journal Stories

The digital books for this week’s activities can be accessed through


Primary Activity

Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin 

Which journal entry did you like the best? Why? 

 What would you add to the Things I don’t like about being a worm list? Pretend you are a worm of course! 

 Keep pretending, what would you add the Good things about being a worm list? 

Write 2-3 journal entries this week using worm’s entries as ideas. For example: trying to teach something to someone, when you used good manners, what you did to make someone laugh. Remember to put the date on the entry!

Need more ideas, or like this style of story and want to read more like it…..try Diary of a Fly and Diary of a Spider!

Intermediate Activity

Frank and Laverne by Jennifer Stokes 

Be sure to read both stories from each character’s perspective! 

What did you notice about each day’s account of events that happened? 

Do you think this happens with people, where they see things differently even though they participated in the same events? 

Can you give an example of when this happened to you or someone you know? 

What can happen if we don’t consider other points of view or the other side of a story? 

Point of View is a short story element that as readers we often forget about…..who is telling us the story, because we are only hearing one side.  

Choose a short story you like and re-write the story from a different character’s perspective or point of view. Be sure to include their reactions, feelings, and thoughts about the same events that occur in the originalHave some fun with it!