Week 6 – International Day of Families

Digital books for this week’s activities can be accessed through 


Primary Activity

Read Grandma’s Pear Tree by Suzanne Santillan 

Did you learn any new Spanish words? 

Do you speak another language?  

How did you learn that language? 

Do you know those same words from the book in that language? 

Is there a language you would like to learn to speak? Why that one?

Think about a time you lost something you were playing with. Draw a picture and tell what happened. How did you solve the problem? 

Intermediate Activity

Read The Vowel Family by Sally M. Walker 

How much of the story could you understand without vowels? 

 Did you make any connections when listening to the beginning of the story when there were no vowels being used? 

How do you think the story relates to actual families? What do you think the theme of this story was? (The author’s message)

Write a short sequel to The Vowel Family. Try to be creative in how you develop your story to be able to take out and put back in the vowels to your text. 


Write a similar story using your own family as the characters.