Week 5 – Non-Fiction

Digital books for this week’s activities can be accessed through KnowBuddy.

Username: info@knowbuddyresources.ca                   Password: KNOWBUDDY


Primary Activity

Read the books by Sarah Grace Tuttle Dot, Stripe, Squiggle and Spot, Spike, Spiral 

Which was your favourite? Why? 

 Do you think there is a reason for these designs seen on living things? Give an example and explain. 

Find things in your home, your yard, on a walk, that have dots, stripes, squiggles, spots, spikes and /or spirals. Draw or take pictures of them and make a book of your collection.  


Intermediate Activity

Choose a book from the X- Books Collections: Fighters, Insects, Predators or Reptiles.

What information do you know about the topic before you start reading? 

What information are you hoping to learn by reading this book? 

Make a list of the things you learned by reading this book. 

Put a check mark beside the information you were hoping to learn.  

Put a star beside the information you found most interesting. 

Do some further investigation to find answers to any of your questions that were not answered by this book.