Week 4 – Poetry

The digital poetry for this week’s activities can be accessed through EPIC!

Primary Activity

 My Shadow by Robert Louis Stevenson 

What creates your shadow? 

Can you make your shadow different sizes by moving your body?

Is a shadow of any use to you? 

Try using your hands to make shadow puppets on the wall. Can you make a rabbit or a butterfly? What about a moose? Can you teach someone else how to make shadow puppets and create a puppet show?

Intermediate Activity

Before She Was Harriet by Lesa Cline-Ransome 

What questions would you ask someone older than you to find out about their life? Write them down.

Use your questions to interview a special person and write a POEM for them about their life from your answers. It could follow the same format as the book, if you’d like a good challenge, but it doesn’t have to.