Week 12 – World Rainforest Day (June 22)

ooks for this week’s activities can be accessed through


Primary Activity

How High in the Rainforest?: Rainforest Animal Habitats By: Monika Davies 

What are the names of the 4 rain forestlayers? 

 Can you name 2 things that live in each layer? 

 List some things that happen as you move from each layer, higher towards the sky. 

 What abilities do rainforest plants and animals have that help them survive this environment? 

n a piece of paper, use the information in the book to help you draw the different rainforest layers and the animals that live in each. Colour your animals using wax crayons. Use water colour paint or pencil crayons to paint in the trees. 

Challenge: Can you add a depth scale to the side of your drawing showing the measurements for each layer?


Intermediate Activity

A Walk in the Rainforest By: Kristin Joy Pratt 

What did you notice about the things highlighted in this book? 

 What did you notice about the way the information is presented?  

 What new things did you learn about that you didn’t realize were part of the rainforest?

We also live in a rainforest; the temperate rainforest. Go for a walk in your neighborhood or a hike in the trails nearby. Create an alphabet book with the things you observe on your walk. What do you know about these things? You may need to do some more research on some to learn more about them to include in your book.