Week 11 – Biographies

Books for this week’s activities can be accessed through


Primary Activity

Read one of the books in the Sports Biography Section


 A biography tells us about a person’s life. Think about what you learned about the sports pro you read about? 

What did you learn about their childhood? 

What did you learn about their family? 

What did you learn about their education? 

What did you learn about their training? 

Was there information missing that you wish was in the book? 

If you could ask this sports pro one question, what would it be?

Write a short biography about yourself and the sport you play or the hobby you are good at. 

Intermediate Activity

One of the biographies from the History Uncut: The Real Series

What did you notice about how the story progressed? 

How was the story divided into different sections? 

Why did someone choose to write a book about this person? What purpose does a biography serve? 

Try writing your own biography or interview a family member and write a biography on their life.

What important events did you choose to include?