Week 1 – Digital Citizenship

Digital books for this week are accessed through EPIC!

Primary Activity

How Can I Be A Good Digital Citizen? By Christine Zuchora-Walske

What are some ways that computers help you?

What are some ways computers can be bad for you?

What are some ways you can stay safe when using the internet?

Write or draw pictures of what you will do to be a good digital citizen as you work and learn online, independently and with others.

Put this in a place where you can see it and be reminded each time you get online.

Intermediate Activity

Smart Online Communications: Protecting Your Digital Footprint by Mary Lindeen

What are the similarities and differences between “cookies” and “spyware”?

How does a good digital citizen treat others and things that are posted online by others?

What are some ways to protect your digital footprint?

Why is protecting your digital footprint an important thing to do?

Create a rule or question on a Post-it that will help you think twice before you post something online (see p.21 for help).

Stick it to your computer as a reminder for you, as you work and learn independently and with others online.