Social Studies

Aboriginal Legends
Aadizookaanag – a few legend links near the bottom of the page
Canadian Museum of Civilizations

Ancient Egypt
British Museum Ancient Egypt site
PBS site: New Kingdom
Ancient Egypt; many topics
Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Egyptopedia; Seattle Art Museum
History for Kids: Ancient Egypt

All About Explorers
Enchanted Learning

The Raven’s Call – Bill Reid
Children of Eagle and Raven
Collections Canada – Haida
BC Archives
First Peoples of Canada
Video of Gwaii Haanas – conservation area in Haida Gwaii

See Mrs. Eng’s ‘Teacher Page’

Natural Resources – Canada
The Fur Trade & Hudson’s Bay Company
Video – BC Rain Forest
EcoKids, Forests
Energy Map of Canada
Centre for Energy – a bit challenging to navigate, but lots of information about energy types
Cariboo Gold Rush – Gold Mining
Kids World Hydro Electricity – advertising on site
BC Archives – Agriculture, Forestry, Mining, Fishing

Pioneers of Canada
See Mrs. Shellard’s Page (Primary Teacher)

Provinces and Territories
See Mrs. Stolb’s “Teacher’s Pages”



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