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  1. Mrs. Laerson,

    I just wanted to reach out and thank you for your page . My son Liam is learning about plants in science class, and its begun to be a real hobby of his. His class grew their own bean plants last week and Liam immediately came home and asked his dad and I why we don’t have a garden at home!

    For homework over the long weekend Liam was supposed to find 3-5 good websites on plants so that he can eventually put together a project for the class. We luckily came across your page yesterday and it was SO helpful. Liam loved all of your plant resources so much he decided to show your entire page to his teacher today so that she can help him just pick a few for his project.

    When I told Liam I was going to email you to thank you for your page, he suggested(insisted) I let you know about another good resource he found online on “The Study of Plants and Flowers for Students” at . He thought it might be a good addition to your page. Who knew 8 year olds could be so resourceful – and persistent;). Anyway it is a good resource – Liam was presenting that one to his teacher today along with yours so hopefully you find it as useful as he did.

    Thank you again and have a great week!

    Sara and Liam Barnes

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